29 September, 2009

In the mind of kid

My little Lu complaint that he only see white wall whenever he wakes in the morning. (I kind of feeling guilty, as I leave to work before he open his eyes)

With a piece of paper and a pen, he said he is going to put up something nice on the wall.

On the next morning, I found the piece of paper sticking on the wall

It merely had these 4 big words - "Play Yo-Yo Now"

16 September, 2009

T for Terry

Please meet my pet Terry (Terrapin - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrapin), 15 years ago, Terry was as small as 50 cents (1.5"diameter) now, and it has grown up to almost 1 foot long. Terry eats vegetable, shrimps and small fish.

One fine morning, my son Litter V walked Terry out for a stroll in the garden, little brain got short memory, and Terry never been seen again.

3 months later, we found Terry buried himself in the ground with only his head partially exposed, attracting us by making pssi..pssi…pssi sound. Overcome with joy, we bath Terry and found him smaller in size. Never ever Terry was invited for a stroll anymore.

In Feng Shui, tortoise & turtle symbolise longevity, stability, strength, support and endurance. We place Terry in North corner as an enhancer for career, with the hope that it attracts a smooth, grounding energy for business projects and promotions in career.

11 September, 2009

Boring All Girls' School

Brought up in single-sex school can be of different experience all together. Amongst girls, we were more carefree, we don’t need to behave and pretend like angel, we are what we are - no faking, original & beautiful. In class, we didn’t mind if anyone of us picking noise collecting gold, popping or squeezing pimples, plucking eyebrows, cleaning ears wax, ventilate feet by removed shoes or resting both feet in the desk drawer, in addition, lifting up pinafore skirt, slipped hand in and adjusted our inner white blouse were common scene.

All girls’ school came with strict discipline rules, short hair, kneel length 'A' shape skirts, short nails, and NO NO for all accessories like hair pins, hair band, earring and fancy spectacles. We all looked pretty much the same, confused teacher by calling us the wrong name, and due to the square and stone look, no guys would give us a second look, and we missed all the romantic relationship, thus making our parents the less worry parents on earth.

Since our exposures to guys were limited, we choose alternative – pen pal. (Readers, those days computer & handphone still in the mid of invention) Those days, the greatest person we look forward was Mr Postman, delivering our pen pals letters, with beautiful & scented writing pad, nice and neat handwriting gain the immediate attention, letters circulated in the class for reading, all girls chip in to draft the reply letters. Being innovative, some of us created fun by using toilet roll for writing letter, and in return we got Hell Bank Notes attached with a nasty letter. Keeping too many pen pals can be costly, we recycle our stamps by spreading thick glue on the surface, and the recipient would easily wash away the stamping ink for reused.

Those girls exposed to disco party, and occasionally fetch by boy friend became the central attention, she was the talk in the school, emerging her ‘grade’ higher than us. We were like ‘katak’ (frog) looking up from the well.

Spending years of school days, looking and seeing the same sex was very boring, and I presume our school should had contributed majority of spinsters’ population in the country.