29 August, 2008

Passion for Pet - Part 1

After watching too much of Astro program on Animal Planet, my home ended up with a lot of surprise visitors namely cat, dog, bird, frog, spider, monitor lizard, grasshopper, beetle, dragonfly, and yet to know animals.

There was once that my son V brought this big black spider back from school, the size was 4” to 5” wide, it is kind of scary looking creature. V promised to let it go after keeping it just for a week, but an hour later the scary spider went missing in V’s room. We search fanatically and turn his room into tsunami scene, but no avail, my little 6 yrs boy L asked, “Mom, is the spider poisonous? Will it be hiding some where in the dark toilet, n sting us on our bum?”, I was stunned and cool sweat rolling down from my forehead, the spiderman scene came flashing in my mind, we call for immediate evacuation, to move the 2 boys to my room for the night. We keep all the doors closed in V’s room, we stuffed fabric underneath the door gap, and close all windows to ensure that spider was trap in the room without at large to elsewhere.
I have endless spider man dream on the night, human crawling on the wall, human head spider body, giant spider, cob web, and unexpected monster scene.

Our search continues when the sun rises again, I am armed with mosquito spray and butterfly net, where V with just a plastic container (hmmm… he still hoping to get that thing alive), I am extra cautious & careful, for fear that it fall from the ceiling, or it crawl up my leg.

V managed to capture the spider with least effort……….what a great relief. Unfortunately, this did not serve as a deterrent, yet we still receive weird visitors from time to time.

22 August, 2008

Boss?? Books !!

I believe my boss past life was a teaching professor, his passion in teaching is being carried forward to this present life. I truly believe that we were his formal student before and continue to be.

Now working for him, we were given assignment after assignment, we were given book, periodic & magazine to read, to understand, to discuss, to summary and to present our assignment in PowerPoint, and we are rated for our presentation performance.

Sigh… how can we improve our speed from 1 book in 2 years to 1 book in 2 months?

Sigh… the book keeps sending us to sleep, we need to use toothpick stand to keep our eyes open

How I wish that cash can be found in between the book ?

How I wish that it works like Chinese spirit medium, get the book burn , ashes mixed with water, drink it, sleep well, wake up and everything in our mind.

No matter how I wish, I still need to "chew up" & digest every single word in the book, get set and go for the presentation.

13 August, 2008

For the Ghost ? Deities ? or the Men ?

A group of aged aunties meet up for Tai Chi every morning in the park, they used to update the happening after the session.

On the recent Phor Tor or Hungry Ghosts Festival, one of them expressed utter disagreement for the ko tai (modern stage show) performance.

"Hai yoh yoh… the ‘Ko Tai' singers wear so less and so see thru, can see so much of her body" one of the silver hair auntie speak out loud.

"yah lor yah lor !! I can even see her panties when she do the dancing, really choy !! makes me poorer for not striking Magnum & Toto this week" the black mole auntie swings her towel with dismay. [Chinese believes bad luck upon see panties]

"How can this happen? Where is the respect shows to Tai Shu Yah God, and I feel shame to bring my grandson there, so shame shame ??” interrupted by white hair auntie.

The spicy gossips when on …. with their saliva showering the lawn.

The makeshift stage was located in the big field of the Taman, more than 100 plastic stools were provided for the audiences. The loud music blares throughout where the ENT doctor will walk smiling to the clinic with increasing patient. [ENT = Ear, Nose & Throat]

The front few rolls were occupied by the silver hair groups. Here comes the young, pretty show girl walking into the stage, she gains immediate welcome by the loud applause from uncles. Some uncles cling on to the very front stage where they have forgotten the advice they once given to the young for getting eyesight ruined by viewing too close.

With soft and sexy voice the singer murmured, every movement and gesture will thrill and hook on uncles’ naughty soul. Uncles go with the rhythm, making eyes contact, clapping with joy for song after song.

The fast-paced and loud music will make heart race faster, the sexy & revealing attire will cause nose to bleed, and provoking dance will let the foamy saliva oozing out.

Is the ko tai for the Ghost ? Deities ? or the Men ?

07 August, 2008

My dad & Ms Freggie

My dad keeps a pet frog for his past time, the frog is named Freggie, she is slim and sexy when she set foot in my family, she can hop and she is allowed to move freely from back lane to kitchen and to bathroom. She lives on the insect crawling & flying in my house with her powerful long sticky tongues.

The time has come when both ant & fly extinct in my home, to sustain her life, my dad started to hunt for her food, dad will go round neighbor houses, neighbor taman, his office, my office and every where with the plastic swap, the flies will make the delicious meal for Freggie.

Whenever Ms Freggie appears in the toilet, my mom will strike 4D, so Freggie unofficially become our God of Cai-Sheng (the wealthy god that brings money).

I happened to bump into Freggie last week, Freggie had since changed a lot, she stay permanently in the toilet, she put on a lot of weight and shape like Chinese ‘mee-ku’ bun (Chinese pink bun), her legs no longer afford her heavy body weight, and she lost her ability to hop, in fact, she crawls like a tortoise, and she looks like the ugly toad in the Star War movie.

I sigh…. and sigh again….

02 August, 2008

Taste Buds Party

To breakaway the plain, tasteless & healthy diet at home, we choose to pamper our taste buds by dining out during weekend, in replace with all the so call garbage and unhealthy food.

The less healthy the tastier it is, we responded by licking and polishing the plates, the restaurant owner welcome us by giving further discount for helping in cleaning.

In practical, we eat what ever eatable, those fly in the sky, run on the earth and swim in the water, except the‘phor tor’ food offer to the ‘Hungry Ghost’.
There are also times that we found ourselves trapped into the maze with the ‘ciak har mi?’ (what to eat?) puzzles.
To unsolved it, I started to find out from ‘tam ciak’ friends, colleagues, neighbours and off lately move on to blogs hopping.
I bumped across the following 2 sites that introducing food throughout Malaysia, especially where I stay - Bukit Mertajam & Penang.
Here are the link:-
Malaysia Food Blog, Malaysia Travel Blog (
Penang Tua Pui (
My taste buds have since been partying all weekend long.

Bon Appetite!