24 July, 2009

Women's Gossip

During our gathering, my female friend shared her parent in law's visit story.

She is a working mother with 2 kids, hired a stay in house helper to run the house chorus. Described that PIL's (Parent in law) visit had turn the smile upside down. Family members including the house helper were affected emotionally.

The quiet home since then become the central attraction of her neighbourhood, the disagreement between her father & mother in laws had caused tongue fight whenever they met, the house was small and both of them get to bum into each other walking 10 steps ahead. They quarrel regardless of places and time, day time, night time, 2 am, 3 am or even 4 am in the morning, in the room, in the hall, in the garden or at the road side.

My female friend said this was Karma, when her neighbour had fight or quarrel, she would pretend to sweep the front or to water the plant with extended ear aerial eager to know the happening, now that she hope to have a tortoise shell where she can hide in it whenever her PIL's heated up with quarrel. Her family secret had become a public secret, the neighbour got to know in out of everything.

There were always chicken and duck talk communication between the PIL and the house helper, she need to bridge up the link, acted as interpreter to ease the tension. Her MIL (mother in law) was super suspicious on the house helper task, she was afraid that they got to drink lizard’s tongues soup, fry cockroaches eggs rice and clothes wash with sewage water. MIL appeared like David Copperfield from nowhere, watching house helper like a hawk.

There are few more pages if I were to detail it down.

As friends, we can only pray for her to improve patient, understanding and extraordinary strength and wisdom to overcome all impossible odds.

17 July, 2009

Not Easy, Why Scare ?

My friend once told me that it is not easy to see ghost spirit, they believed that our brain wave and the ghost brain wave are of difference frequency, but if we tune into the same wave length, then, we will be able to see them, listed below are 5 types of people which can see the spirit easily.

  1. Sick, ill or near death – upon my grandpa’s death, he asked who was the long hair lady in white gown near his bed side. Another uncle of mine said that he was happy that his mother & father (dead long time ago) come to visit him.

  2. Cocaine Drug addict – get high and illusion occur

  3. Mediumship, spiritualists, high ranking monk, Taoist priest

  4. Mentally insanity, psycho person

  5. Abnormal Suspicious – mental weak and over suspicious and fearful of ghost existence

Well, well, if you are none of the above mentioned, then you are not that lucky to see them.

10 July, 2009

Believe it or not ? It's up to You

My brother once told me that there were ghosts wonder around in school, play ground, hotel or any building that was empty at night. They believed that the spirit shall take over the places where human 'chi' was less.

As for hotel, we need to knock at the door before we enter, upon opening the door, we need to step aside, let that 'someone' walk out from the room first, this is the respect to them, later, we turn on all the lights, wide open the window and let the fresh air and sun shine in. Guarantee best night sleep.

Some believe that baby and toddler have the tendency or third eye of seeing the spirit, if you wish to buy new house, bring them along, if they are happily playing inside the house, then house is 'clean', if the baby is crying, you better on hold the house buying.

After memorial or funeral service, good to stop by temple and pray, but if you are non believer, alternatively drop by public places like supermarket, hypermarket where the 'yang' chi are rife and deter spirit from following you home.

If you do have eerie or spooky feeling at home, cleanse by sprinkle salt at every corner of your house, leave it overnight and sweep away in the next morning.

Believe it or not? It's up to you, if you know more, welcome to share with us.

03 July, 2009

Jewelry Storage Organizer

My dear ladies, getting too many accessories will be difficult for storage, especially the necklace, bangle bracelaces and earing. I used to tossed them into a box, and later I will found them entangled with some broken.

Getting jewelry organizer from the shelves is costly and the compartment space is limited, there are some DIY necklace organizer, if you have the time and interest on DIY. Just share some websites on how to make jewelry storage organizer.

1. Solving the Jewelry Storage Problem
2. DIY Jewelry Organizer for Neckleces
3. Jewelry Storage Idea
4. DIY project: jewelry shadowbox
5. Stylish Jewelry Storage

DIY Jewelry board, hangers, bowls & frame.

But if you are as lazy as me, then you go for this lazy way which shared by my good friend. I find it useful & effective, specially good for steel matel chain necklace, gold & silver plated necklace, where the color will be preserved without oxidized.

What you need is ‘Clear Zip Lock bags’ (similar to plastic bag used by pharmacy to keep tablets medicine), get it from the shop that sell plastic bags, get a few sizes that suit your jewelries. See the following easy peasy way

Insert accessories in the clear zip lock bags.

Keep accessories in a box, and it is easy for accessible and viewable. Isn't it good idea ?

02 July, 2009

Durian Trip

It was Durian season again, picking up durian was never my choice of past time, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I was dragged to go despite me kneeing down begging with 101 reasons why I am not fit to go.

Can you imagine that far far away and deep deep in the plantation, with no human being around, some known or unknown animal watching you in the dark and no matter how you shout and scream for ‘fire!’ or ‘Robber!’ there will be no one comes to your help.

We reached at the early dawn, ahead of the intruders schedule (intruders come to steal durian), attired with long sleeves and long pants to prevent free blood donation to the mosquitoes.
Black was the words to describe the surrounding, only with dime light torch leads us the way, walking in the thick bushes will accidental step on and provoke the sound asleep living things, a stick was used to shoo and wake them up in much polite way.

Spotted and picking up durian can be quite enjoyable, but when the durian come with a pile of big red ants can be shocking, instant reaction is to drop it with lightning speed. I had forgotten to bring gloves where I need to bear with the prickle sharp pain cause by the spiky thorns.
Getting under the durian trees was dangerous, it is unpredictable as to when the durian going to fall. At times, we heard the sound of snap and breaking branches, and soon, with a 'boke' sound, durian fell a few feet away. Next round I will put on helmet protection.

At the end of the trip, we had our fingers wounded, mosquitoes’ sting and ants bite marks, and of cause fruitful harvest of durians pile up in the car, the unwanted unique odors makes us feel giddy in the car.