30 March, 2008

A little is just nice, too much will kill….

Ever since I set bum on the seat of Business Development, there is a lot of fear that I need to overcome, being top ranking in the “Kia See” list, I think I will definitely die premature before the age of 100.

Sap sap shui (no problem) for me to handle the ground work on research, market survey, customer behaviour & etc., but when come to cold calling, it will some how create the uneasy feeling, unsettlement, uncertainty & even phobia of rejection.

During the cold calling session, my table will definitely loaded with ‘bibles’, documents, component samples, presentation files, fact sheets & other related and non related junks piled up like Komtar tower. Your $50 note will never find if you happen to drop it in those heaps of documents.

I need to tame down the butterfly in my stomach before the call, just the deep inhale of the coffee aroma will makes me feel alert, with one or two sips is good enough to boost my confident and enhance my performance, speech just pouring out like waterfall, saliva flying all over, full of promises, yes, yes, yes, can, can, can, and I am not myself but the politician who campaigning for the election.
The result of caffeine is marvellous.

Arranging too many cold calling means more coffee, over limit will cause me hyperactive and bouncing like a ball. My thumb will be shaking uncontrollably with the heart racing. Ambulance is needed to save me.
Sigh… A little is just nice, too much will kill….

26 March, 2008

Happen Once In a Year

Attended the income tax briefing again, the Senior Officer said, ‘there are 2 things in your life that you can not escape, 1st is death, 2nd is taxes’. He grins cunningly showing two of his top prominent canine teeth, that reminds me about Dragula.

Upon seeing him makes us poorer each year, wondering where will our blood be located after being suck by them ? Has they put them into good use ? More hospital? School? Spot & Recreation? community centres? Library? Mega project?
Or have I been benefited with the amenities & utilities provided?
Musing & tapping my fingers on the table, I should plan to exercise my right as a tax payer, General Hospital, Public Library, Recreation Park, Klinik Kesihatan, etc, etc, smiling and feeling self satisfaction for having such a brilliant idea.

I will schedule the plans, put the date after retirement age of 55 years, where I have all the times in the world to wait for the snail speed services, able to wait & queue 2 hours for the call of doctor, 1.5 hours for the dispensary, 0.5 hour for the librarian to write & stamp the date & so on.
Great !! I am paying it for the good course.

23 March, 2008

New Clothing – Wash before you wear

Textile treatment processes including breaching, dyeing, starching or metallic nanoparticles. In order to avoid skin allergic, sensitivity or others skin related problem, all new clothing purchase from the shelves should be washed before wearing it, and this will get rid of the excessive starch & dirt.

22 March, 2008

Jurassic Park …the other version

The yelling, shouting & scolding went on like alarm trigger me every nigh from 9 – 11 pm, Mon – Fri, the poor little boy (6 ~ 7 yrs old) was begging & crying in pain, the smacking sound were clearly heard from the opposite house of mine.

His mother has transformed into dinosaur again, grrrrrraaa….. little boy was scared, crying & running away… dinosaur was holding a school book with a cane on the other hand, grrrrrraaa…. grapping the plastic chair and here goes the hurling all her dismay on the poor school work performance.

I was once wish to become a witch, zoom in with my broom stick, waive my magic wand and turn both them into 2 rabbits, from there on they shall live peacefully & happily together.

I have attended several parenting courses, and most course leaders don’t encourage in hitting, whacking & spanking. in return, they suggested to use alternative non violent methods of child discipline, and manage with an ultimate goal of mutual respect between parent & child.

You may say the expert say nia.... not easy ler, my kid is hyper active, super active, naughty lah, bla, bla, bla... the list went on for 2 full A4 paper.

methods that are not new but effective if the parents do it corrently:-

1. Time up
2. Write sentences to remind him of how he should behave
3. Remove privileges (TV, Playstation, computer games, reduce pocket money, ride bike, stay up late, go outside and play, etc)

To carry out the punishment, the parents need to be patient, consistent, determination & stay firm. Need to give a friendly reasoning before the punishment. After which thank the kid for their co-operation.

Try it by doing a bit differencw and you will get difference outcome, see the result, where no shouting and scolding are needed.

21 March, 2008

Quote that i Love

What a Friday morning, feeling fresh & energetic, got the mood of dressing up a bit difference, feel great flattered by colleagues. It is Friday that makes everything difference.

Come across the following quote, just love it and noted it down on my little notebook.

What are we today is result of our own past action;
Whatever we wish to be in future depends on our present actions;
Decide how you have to act now.

We are responsible for what we are,
Whatever we wish ourselves to be,
We have the power to make ourselves.

Make sense yah… should concentrate & focus on what is Right now.

19 March, 2008

Remove Stains from Towel

After long period of usage, towel turns yellowish or black. To clean, soak into water and twist to half dry, spread with soap, dry under the sun, wash & rinse with water.

Repeat it if necessary to get the clean & clear looks.

16 March, 2008

Experience with AirAsia

First time on board the budget flight, a gentleman dress in casual wear was checking on our boarding pass, with lower expectation still give me a bit of surprise.

Air stewardesses were in red outfit with skirt above knee length, some shorter by 1”, 2” or 3”, the shorter one looks a bit revealing to me, (agreed with Wanita UMNO delegate on revealing too much of legs), bucket is needed to collect bubbles & saliva whenever the stewardess squat down.

Short & long hairs signify the freedom in individual liking. Tony Fernadous once said that their stewardesses were given freedom, not a must to be unified, each will be carried out with their own beauty.

Long hairs will fly & swing whenever the stewardess move, at times, she will use both hands to sweep her hair backward, graceful movement resembles the Pantene shampoo ad. But, she got to make sure there is enough room behind her. Passengers will get unexpected hair sweep to dust away the dirt on their face.

The AirAsia souvenirs were at reasonable price, foreigners loved to own it for remembrance.

Overall, it was quite a pleasant trip.

15 March, 2008

Yes Madam, Sorry Madam

Via is the name of my new house maid, she is young & energetic, the setback is her forgetfulness. I will find broom & dustpan in my car while driving to work, washing detergent in the garden, shoes beside the oven & many unexpected things in the wrong place.

Whenever I called her in for the unexpected ‘alien’ found, she will come right in front & say, Yes, Madam’ and I went on with the blar blar blar… and with smile she will reply, ‘Sorry, Madam’.

We had a few sessions of Yes Madam & Sorry Madam everyday. Steam was oozing out from my nose, ears & hair. I will soon have free furry curly hairdo.

Due her fast & prompt action, she will come by hopping in whenever I called her, sometimes, out of no where, she just pop out in front of me and cause my heart pause for few seconds.

She has fast response, she will run round the house to beat the time, hmmm… within 3 seconds she can reach the front from the back, not because of her speed but the size of my house.

A total brand new experience and eye opening for me.

I will be happy for next 365 days

2 K is my trade mark - Kia See & Kia Su, I used to go for medical check up periodically, reason is the 2 K not because of age catching up.

My next blood test is scheduled in a week time, I will watch my diet & do whatever exercise needed to beautify my result, at least a pass and not targeting with flying colors.

My ‘Tong Sampah’ colleague is yelling from her cubicle, ‘mommy Choo, you want special order for lunch or not?’ She is slim & young, metabolism rate is high, and whatever input will go straight out without storing.

‘No’ I yelled back, ‘I am on cow & horse diet’ (solely on veges), ‘I wouldn’t want to ruin my result next week’

She come by my cubicle, drop me the bomb ‘you are cheating!’ I reply spontaneously ‘dear, at least I will be happy for next 365 days for getting good result next week’. Follow by a smirk.

My New kakak (house maid)

With knee down bagging to the maid agency, and finally I had my new maid in house, picking her up from the agent shocking me, with her resume in my hand, I ‘inspected’ her from head to toes and toes to head, has she got a facelift or plastic surgery done lately ?

How could she looks so much difference, from XXL to L size, from 30 to 20 years old ? My hair drop after much scratching, walking round her a few times, with disbelieved I uttered to myself, ‘out of spec. out of spec….’.

Sigh…. All my worries arise, I got to protect and lock her up in the house, keep her away from the hungry foxes & wolfs, the construction Indon workers, the Bangladesh, the Vietnamese, the local, the longkang man, the sampah man, the postman, etc, etc & etc. Perhaps wearing tudung and only show her eyes will be the best solution.

She gained instant liking from my kids, my little young son has requested to install air cond for her, my elder son requested to send her for hair re-bonding, getting her furry curly messy hair straighten.

My previous house maid was in mid 30 where she was a good home maker to me, to both of my elder kids (except my young son), she was nothing but like the witty step mother of Cinderella & Snow White.

I keep my fingers cross, ‘cheng cheng’ (praying) to the god, hoping that she can assist me in one way or another.

13 March, 2008

The Secret

Book entitled ‘The Secret’ said that under the Law of attraction, thought affirmation will become things, meaning that what ever you wish for will become reality.

The book also gave a few proven example on how it works, everything will come thru as you wish. E.g. hold an image of talking to an old friend that you haven’t seen for a long time. Somehow or another somebody’s going to start talking to you about that person. That person’s going to phone you or you‘ll get a letter from her.

There are only 3 simple steps
Step 1 Ask
Step 2 Believe
Step 3 Receive

Ask – you visualize the things you wish for. Believe – you must imagine, pretend, act as if, make-believe that what ever you ask for will deliver to you. Receive – you must feel good, as you think perfect thoughts, as you feel good about you, you will be on the right frequency of receiving it.

It sounds simple yah…