21 June, 2010

Short Hair Policy

Some teens feel that making impression is the priority in life, they go along with trendy hairstyle, fashionable clothes and shoes, they just wish to express themselves and their believe. Unfortunately, the school rules everything above. My teens’ hairstyle always irked me to no end, both have enrolled in different high school with short hair policy.

The schools’ rules are stricter than monk’s temple, to ensure that all hair length unify, spot check is carried out, the horror look hairdressers with comb & scissor appear to perform the immediate ‘rectification’ on the offenders, no free meal and each student shall be charged RM2 for the cut. The dancing scissor goes snip! Snip! Snip ! thus making those affected less pretty & handsome. The smirking smile from the discipline teacher shall bring tears to the students.

Unfortunately, my teen boy adores celebrity hairstyle, pushing the boundaries mimicking “Wu Chun” (picture attached), he takes good care of his hair, he style his hair when needed, assorted range of hair gel, spray, conditioner, mousses and a full line of hair care stuff are seen on his dressing table, to prepare for his look, longer hours are needed. He shall frequently pinching and styling his hair with fingers.

If he is unlucky, he can’t be spared for the cut, at times, I was invited to school to discuss on his trendy hairstyle.

Ironically, I have an obedient teen girl, she ensures that her hair length mustn’t touches her collar, she will get rid of the extra length no matter how, or even DIY. She is doing it beyond the set requirement and hair looks awfully short for a girl.

My girl uses the traditional toothed device called comb, and it makes thing simpler and easier, she is more economical minus all the hair care products and uses less shampoo for her hair length. She is care less on outlook, she doesn’t mind walking around with messy Albert Einstein look, she just smirks and fingers combs after we sounded her.

I always puzzled and confused with my teens’ behavior, they are of opposite characteristic, I have to neutralise them by asking boy to keep shorter hair and persuading my girl to extend that few millimetre length.

03 June, 2010

Hectic City Life No More

It has been 2 months at home, all my previous worries gone, life at home can be rewarding and interesting.

Times just fly faster at home, I hope to have 48 hours a day.

Good time management are to get things done effectively.

I come to know peoples around me, friendships are multiplying.

A place where I spend most of my quality hours.

Leisurely breakfast with newspaper and radio

I enjoy slower country base lifestyle. The past, has helped me to appreciate the present.