12 August, 2011

Angel or Devil ??

My Litter L goes to school by school van, there are mixture of standard 1, 2 & 3 girl & boy students in the little vehicle. Little friends are small in sizes, but the noise they made are equivalent to 100 twinttee birds sharing in one cage.

They are having great fun during the journey, chat, play and waive to passerby and commuters. Some time, they tend to disagree with each other, and start the name calling, pushing, punching and throwing little things.

Little L will come back sharing on the happening in school and in van, regardless of happy, sad, angry or frustration.

One day, Little L told me that he was sad to have enemy, I come to know that this standard 2 girl, accusing Little L and friends for pulling her hair and poking her eyes. It seems that she was the victim among the boys, cause was unknown.

Her mom was furious about the incident, she went into the van with a camera, she took pictures of all the boys, giving stern warning and threatened to report this issue to the school principal for their misconduct in van. Little L was upset about it, after discussion among themselves, a group of 5 students went to see principal to tell the truth that they are being misquote and unfair judgement. School head take note of the issue and so far, little girl mother has not turn up for the complaint. (maybe she meant to frighten the boys only)

After a few days later, it seems that the quarrel and bad feeling still persisted, again, the little girl’s mother turn up in the van with a rattan stick in hand, scolding and threaten to beat the so call naughty boys who disturb her daughter.

How strange to see such an over protective mother? Did she really find out how her daughter behaves? Was told by van driver that little girl was engaged in fierce tongue fight with the boys as well, she was no loser.

Children are smarter than parent, in front of parent they can be angel, but, behind they are no angel but devil.

To mend the situation, the van operator separated the little angel to be seated in front beside driver. There, solve the entire problem. As usual, boys and girls are happy to play around with the little angel missing the fun, mother of angel have stress-less night with the camera and rattan stick keeping for good use.

The world is in peace again.

20 June, 2011

99, 80, 79

I was thirty years old when this additional growth appears in my body, the doctor got his wallet thicker by inches using his knife to remove it. He then told me that it will recur if I do nothing to improve my health.

I pray and turned to someone ‘up up’ there, I told them before I join them floating on cloud, I need extra days to settle on earth. Based on my good track record, I definitely deserved to lengthen my days to 99 years old.

I knew I must strive to ensure that number come true, I did whatever good for 99, my daily schedule include diet, exercise, spa, massage, and many logical & illogical methods and ways to battle it.

Lately, elderly in my family tree reached and crossed over the number of 80, I discovered the great differences in them, namely:-

More ‘don’t’ then ‘do’

  • Spending more time with doctors than friends
  • Degrading Memory
  • Increasing complaining & nagging

I started to wonder how will I be if I set foot on 90?

My junior, Little L bumps into places that he need my explanation, I carefully explain to him what is Old Folk Home. After a long silent, Little L said the following:

LL: Mom, you need to take good care of your own health, because I am not sure whether to keep you at home or send you to old folk home. (Little L sounds serious)

(I am nervous as I never like the place)

LL: I want you to stay healthy, no dripping & bed wetting (Urinary incontinence), I dislike the smell

Oh no, I would rather float than meeting those aged folks under the same roof. 99 ? maybe not that tempting anymore. Shorter life with healthy body will be the best. I should revise and target to float before 80.

79 – I am heading.

05 May, 2011

Float in Air & Walk on Fire

When I was four feet young, some strange things happened in my home, our family members of four took turn to visit doctor, mom whispered that she sensed something not right in the home. She did not tell what was wrong, but, the young me believed that it should be related to - long hair, white gown, long tongue, bleeding eye, uttering hu…hu… hu… and had the ability to float and walk in air.

The situation persisted for a year, my helpful cousin sister brought us to the Chinese Zi Kong temple, popular among Chinese, located far and deep in the village. The path was small, bumpy, zigzag with tall weed grass in both sides.

The temple opened for consultation from 9 pm, sea of peoples queuing seeking for help or por-bi (protection). The Ji Kong Chinese spirit medium (tang-ki) dress in ancient clothing, cap that symbolize a ‘yuan bao’ (ancient money) and a torn fan in hand, we gave our house address, he used his super power to search and investigate, within seconds he said that our house had took over by ‘unwanted guests’. We were given protection ‘fu’ to wand off the spirits temporary.

That night, all of us squeezed into mom’s bed, I dream of them flying everywhere.

We revisited the medium for permanent protection, the tang-ki confirmed that there were a total of 5 spirits involved, of three were young orphans from no where, of two were my ‘sister or brother’ resulted from my mom previous miscarriage.

Tang-ki said he chased away the three, but the two refuse to go as they need sense of belonging, they wanted a ‘place’ in the family.

Tang-ki gave protection red stamp on the back of our outfits, he then placed a Buddhist rosary around my neck, he told me to follow closely, I found myself in a queued in front 12 feet long fire path made up of burning charcoals, the young me fear nothing but to obey, according to Tang-ki, those who cross over the fire path will have their bad luck change.

Tang-ki chanting and he started running, I follow closely behind him and ran over the fire path, I feared for the fire, speed was fast and pushing Tang-ki from his back. Tang-ki almost fall when we finished the line. I brushed and apologized repeatedly.

Two weeks later, there were a new incense burner next to Di-Zhu-Yeh alter (place on the floor). Mom said that it was for the brother and sister. Since then, we live happily ever after。

Di-Zhu-Yeh Alter
Long fire line

Resemble Ji-Kong

24 February, 2011

Young Men - Please be Reasonable

My basin tap was leaking drop by drop, it was like coin dropping to me, so I use bottle to collect the drops to ensure it go to no waste.

A small little name card pop into my letter box, I gave it a call for help. With 'bip bip road runner' speed, 2 men push my door bell, my eyes enlarged 3 times when they walk in, 1st - they are too young, 2nd - they are too neat, 3rd - they dont have the plumber look, I calmed and pacified myself not to judge the book by its cover.

To get my tap rectify, they need to cross the mountain, plug the stars from sky and empty the seawater. My jaw drop wide when they told me that they ONLY charge a minimal of RM700 to get it done.

These two youngsters' ambition is to own a Mercedes within an hour, bold and daring enough to charge a hefty sum. For these, tug-of-war negotiate going on, they finally turn face and gave it the final dong! dong! hammer of RM380 and nothing less.

I Ting! Ting! on my triangle - RM300 final and nothing more. Obviously, it didn't match the deal. We call off the deal. Too bad, they burst their dream car.

Upon leaving, the young chap ask for their petrol charges, which he had not mentioned upfront, I did not comply and they zoom off with a little not so happy mood.

I went round to grab a house repair contractor to bring in their plumber, next day, 2 men in their fifties came in, at ease and phew ~!! at least they looks like plumbers. With tools in hand they get the repairing & curing job done just within hour. Most important - they charged RM120.