26 August, 2009

Our ‘Can Think’ Cafeteria - Final

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For cost saving, some cranky ideas floated up, hiding the fish and chicken under the vegetable or rice, group 2 types of vegetables in one tray compartment, press and compact the dish, confuse the casher by piling up all dishes and rice into one big mountain heap, show Hollywood acting like poor & miserable and finally choose the ‘kind hearted’ casher that charges less.

After paying, we choose a nice cooling place to feed our stomach, here is the time where we can officially & openly talk face to face, in the office, we chat online or thru intercom.

We break-fast by asking how much is the food? Comparison on price and sizes, we were 10 times more ‘aunties’ and ‘uncles’ bargaining and calculative over every penny spent. Or was it a sense of victory for having to pay less?

Dining at the long McDonald-like table, seated closely facing each other. At times, the chicken drumstick or wing shall work on their kung-fu kick by flying to the opposite food tray. Fish bone remover by mouth is a no no, caused there is no bull eye for splitting and it would landed on neighbour hand or tray.

There was once, we brought our customer to dine in our cafeteria, we used to keep bones and other food residue in ‘our’ empty compartment instead of leaving & dirty it on the table, the customer observed and did the same thing - not in his tray but in our tray.

After meal, we need to clear our own tray by separating the utensil, food residue, glass and bowl, good practise just like schooling.

20 August, 2009

Our ‘Can Think’ Cafeteria

For lunch break, we are given 30 min Road Runner speed, walk to cafeteria, queue, pick up tray & cutlery, scoop dishes, pay, eat and back to office. Bip ! Bip !

Our cafeteria is equipped with air conditional, 2 food counters on left and right side each, >10 serving of food on each counter, array of chicken, fish, vegetable, egg, balls…oops, think straight, it is fish ball, meat ball and squid ball, free soup, free herbal drink to deter H1N1, hot & cold drinks, fruit juice, breads, cakes, biscuit, titbits & a special counter offering hawker delight. Dear readers, envy?

There will be no bell ringing to inform on break, each and every one of us knows our staggered schedule. Fussy diners acted more like QC inspectors at work, flipping tray by tray choosing the perfect piece base on the criteria of dry, clean, flat and dent free. (same method applies to choosing partner, divorce rate shall be reduced)

The hungry & hollow one would pile up their food like pyramid, the picky chooser causing the queue crawling, making the next waiting person hair pulling. The traffic flow in one way, but some make it u turn back, ‘Bang!’ trays accident, leaving the casualties dead on the floor (dear chicken & fish, RIP).

The caterer uncle is mending the casher machine, pretty women who call him ‘Ah Ko’ (Brother) will get a few cents waived. Ah Ko mental arithmetic never fail, but in front of ‘leng lui’ (pretty women) with naughty yak will cause his brain temporally damage. I deserve the leng lui privilege…. if I am 10 years younger. (Smirking)

To Be Continued….

11 August, 2009

"All you can Eat" Buffet

Some said that we were tortured on an expensive and extensive food, wolfing down the meals like starving hyenas. And some said that was a greed feast where we were practiced on the extensive of greediness.

I agreed with the description given. Our 'Kia Su' attitude (afraid of losing) reveals the ugly side of ourselves. Piling up Himalaya Mountain on our plates, but only consumes the size of ant portion, discard the whole plate which is enormously sufficient to provide 30 days food for a famine child.

Next round, if you are planning for a buffet feast, please consider the following suggestion:-

1. Preliminary Tour - scouting around every section, plan and make the best choices. Do not just go and grab food blindly

2. Food Tasting – take minimal portion, teaspoon or bit size portion, and possibly try all the items
- Soup - take only a couple of tablespoons instead of full bowl
- Cut portions into small piece, nothing wrong to leave half portion for others
- Do not afraid to ask the food server for a tiny slice “just to taste it”

3. Enjoy your selected Food – finally, you have tasted everything, and you should be able to identify the food that you like most, you can now go for a little bigger portion and enjoy the great meal

4. Desert - Ditto and follow step 1 ~ 3

Hope all of us remember when returning to buffet table, get rid of the overeating and wastage habits.

Bon Appetite!!

04 August, 2009

Staying Awake in the Office

Getting bore and sleepy in the office, try the following.
  1. Power Drinks – coffee, tea
  2. Power nap – during lunch break or nap in the wash room
  3. Power Pill – take B complex, gingko
  4. Power snack – take frequent snack or titbit
  5. Power refresher – splash water on face, or put on refreshing perfume
  6. Power Puff – smoke a stick or two
  7. Power walk – take small stroll in the office, or walk up & down the stairs
  8. Power breath – hold breath as long as you can, repeat a few times
  9. Power music – play some fast pace music
  10. Power roll – roll tongue clockwise for 50 times
  11. Power chat – talk and chat for a short while
  12. Power view – put your boss photo on your work desk

I think the number 12 works better.