29 September, 2008


Both of us decided to get ‘nest’ of our own after years of ‘parasite’ on my in law home. We finally agreed on the semi-detach property, I was busy dreaming of how to decorate it to become the model house of the whole BM or at least the whole Taman.

My pillow partner came round to tell his concern on Feng Shui (The words 'feng shui' literally translate as "wind-water"in English), I was kind of getting cold ice showered in the winter, feeling furious as to why he still didn’t believed the astronauts in the moon ? There were no ‘Chang Er’(Chinese fairy), neither do there had the tree and rabbit in the moon.

Coincidently, Lillian Too the Feng Shui master was in town to promote her books, I decided to bring my hammer to tear down her Feng Shui signboard, I want to see and know how the Feng Shui cheat all the people especially my so called ‘Educated’ partner.

I went with my brother, at least two people do the tearing job easier. There were packed in the hotel seminar hall, Lillian Too introduced Feng Shui in a scientific way and manner, everything was so true, so real, so promising and yet there were evidence of Feng Shui.

Yours truly was totally convinced in the short 2 hours talk, both my brother and myself had forgotton our mission, and ended up buying more than 8 books each, waited like the little fans in the queue of 1KM long getting Lillian to autograph. I left the hall without bringing the hammer back.

Now, my brother was a staunch Feng Shui practitioner where I had decorated my home according to all Feng Shui aspects. And I also become 10 times more Feng Shui than my partner.

23 September, 2008

I deserve the Best DRESS Award

Dressing accordingly is important for work area, when I was in the college, we were taught on grooming and deportment, to make sure that we don’t wear bikini and pyjamas to work.

Since then I change my wardrobe to office wear, blouse, shirt, skirt, scarf, accessories and pantyhose -> (guys, I hope u know what is this).

Of lately, there was this engineer commented that I have wrong color matching, maybe at times, I just overlook. So, I just be a bit cautious and spend some time in front of wardrobe.

Not long later, I put on brown turtle neck long sleeve blouse where the fabric had some glittering gold line, and the same engineer smiled and told me that I look like the person working in the bar (or bar girl in the good old day). I am cursing him in my mind that he gets strike by the signboard on the 5 foot walkway. So, I spend a little more time in front of wardrobe again.

I love being look slim when the weighing machine doesn’t co-operate with me, I dress up black with black panty hose, here comes the fat engineer popping his head on my cubicle, smiling with naughy look and said ‘mommy, I will present you a broom.’ ‘You look just like the witch’. Before I could respond he zooms off with hehehehee…. Sounded very much like the wicked wizard riding on the broom. If I am the real witch, I will turn him into big big and fat fat mee-ku bun (Chinese pink bun), throw him in Somalia and save the people there with no famine for next 5 years.

Years later, I started used to the comment given, ‘looks like principal, butler, spinster, cow boy, stage performer etc. etc’.

Being able to dress for many characters, I truly believed that I deserve the Best Dress Award. And if I have the magic wand, I will make sure famine free in Africa, India and other part of the world that need me.

16 September, 2008

916 Gold or ??

When women mentioned 916, it means gold, but when men mentioned 916, it means political restructuring.

Today is 916, where it was a great day everybody looks forward, I went out to do marketing, everything seems peaceful and calm, except the uncle and aunties pointing at the newspaper talking about 916.

I was advised to stock some dry stuff, hmmm… just in case something turns up to be not so pleasant.

Over the dinner during Mooncake Festival, 916 was our dessert, the kia su me speaks like the expert telling how I help boost the economy by buying excessive food to weather the unforeseen circumstances. My brother said loudly with surprise, ‘huh ?? You are still talking about storing food yah ? We are talking about keeping cash and passport to get out of the mess.”
I was stunned and got caught over their advancement in Crisis Management, yah wor… just like the Vietnam war then, everybody got excess to overseas with their accumulated wealth, those poor one will have to stay put and suffer.

I sink down and rooted in the chair silently thinking how to cash out my account, sell share, sell unit trust, sell house, sell land, buy gold, renew passport, book air ticket, etc & etc. Haiyoh… too much of thinking caused my brain to shock the brain waive circuit, putting extra weight for me to shoulder over 916 visions.

Sigh… we are just the commoner where we just merely hope of peace and stability.

09 September, 2008

Hot or Very Hot

Our office temperature was set high to conserve electricity, some kind of costs saving project initiated by some kind of nation from desert. Our complaint will be either hot or very hot.

The females will be seen as dressing less, lighter & thinner, from long sleeve to short sleeve, from thick to thin, from broad strap to spaghetti strap, from maxi to mini skirt. The male had no way to change, but to let go a few more shirt buttons to expose the non sexy hairy chest.

For female, no point putting on make up as it will get melt, the mascara will flow down like river, the face compact powder will get soak and crack like the desert floor.

This month – September, we experienced frequent rains, this is the first time in the year where we actually get the feeling of “cold” in the office, super nice temperature of 22.8C, and just like spring in Australia, (minus the flowers)

We were seen in long sleeve and some of us were putting on warmer.

We happened to bump into the ‘desert nation’, where he questioned us with cared and concerned, ‘you people feeling cold yah?” Without hesitation I answer “No, just that I got fever.” Another colleague of mine answered that she had Hypothyroidism. So, it is common to feel cold despite the hot temperature.

No matter how, we will never admit that we feel cold for fear that the temperature will be adjusted higher and hit further cost saving target.