11 September, 2010

Fishing - Difference experience

During the 1 week school holiday, we went for fishing in Sg. Petani, paying RM26 per rod per entry for 3 hours, we can bring back all our catch.

Chicken gizzard as bait

total of 5 ponds for the anglers to move around

This was consider crowded as fishing lines may be entangled if there is catch

1st we need to hold still on the rod, no moving even there is fire next door

2nd we must set our eye wide open staring on the floater, dont blink, or else we shall miss the nibbling

hours of patience & endurance (if same effort put in study, sure will get 1st placing in whole school)

there you go... the thrill and the satisfaction (10 times more happy than dating a pretty girl )

Here you go... Patin Fish

Removing hook with pliers

another catch - Cat fish, taste yummy with curry

Worth while after the long long wait, hot sun and missing date with pretty girl

05 September, 2010

Unusual Flowers

12 years old red palm trees, lately blossom with flowers.

shape likes octopus tentacles

close up look....

difference view

silhouette image

the tiny flowers drop or 'sprinkle' on everywhere

on the path

on the stones

in between roots

close up look, do you think it looks like jelly fish? or alien creatures

I finally caught this little one hanging on the spider web