27 June, 2008

Yoh! I have got FREE PHONE from TMB

Since my last encounter with TMB on the streamyx issue, both TMB & I have got our relationship entangled, we are no other but snow white, Cinderella and their step mother.

Yesterday, TMB called, trying to lure me to TM office, claiming that I owe them April streamyx bill, my intuition told me that TM could have found new potion for me, well, if I failed to settle within 14 days, they will bring Kapal Singh (lawyer) to see me.
I took emergency leave to TM, the meeting was carried out in harmony mood, they acted professionally, explaining and trying to make me feel comfortable with their mistake on the billing, well, well, this soothe me down. And I choose to take the potion apple by paying the April overdue bill.

Before the hand shake, I told TM that I need to purchase a set of new phone, they offer me a rebate of RM50 if I bring in the old phone, wao wao !! I was screaming with joy inside me, but still acted cool and calm to stay feminine.

Hehehe… laughing inside me, this is too good to be true, I proceed to the phone counter to make my selection so that I can be back on the next day to pick up the set.
The sales person checked thru my phone record, told me that they are giving me a free phone, ah yoh yoh !! FREE PHONE ler… I kind of too stun to react, freeze and lost conscious for 30 seconds, how could this happen? I never bang & break their table legs, never bring petrol & match stick, and why are they treating me so good & special. Can anyone lend me a shoulder for me to cry……? It was so so touching… 100 times more touching than watching Indian movie.

At home, I am toying with the new phone features, still wondering why and how I get the phone free.
“Why am I entitled for free phone?”
“Is free phone giving out to everyone?”
“How to qualify for the free phone?”

My above questions remain a mist and unanswered by TM, strange yah, they are giving it out for good course but not doing it openly to the public.

19 June, 2008

Sun Barbecue

During our family gathering last weekend, my niece was surrounded with concerned aunties, never wish to left behind I am trying to set foot in, struggle with both my hands to part the crowd (like buka durian).

Her mum was coaxing her to remove her hands which she had covered her face and take off her spectacles to show her sun burn. “Ah yoh !!” was the word uttered simutaneously by the crowd, and the busy-caring aunties questioned non-stop, before she could response, the busy aunties came out with all the solution and suggestion.

To me she looks like panda in the negative film, face tan with 2 white rings around her eyes. Such an adorable looks.

To prevent the burn, sunblock is needed, it will help to protect our skin by abosorbing / reflecting UVA and UVB, sunblocks have a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rating. The SPF rating indicates how long a sunscreen remains effective on the skin.

Here are some calculation on the SPF rating:-

SPF 15 x 10 = 150 minutes (2.5 hrs)

** Same fomula applies to SPF 30, 45, 60 or more.

Meaning that SPF 15 will be effective & protect us from the sun for up to 150 minutes, then reapplied every two hours if required.

Sunscreens should be applied 15 -20 minutes before sun exposure to allow a protective film to develop, then reapplied after water contact and sweating.

With this, we can avoid being barbecue by the sun, and free to go for any outdoor activities such as beach games, swimming, picnic, fishing & so on.

Enjoy our sunny day !!

12 June, 2008

Mommy Choo – the gangster way !!

After 5 years of serious consideration, I finally waived my white hanky to agree on the installation of streamyx for home use. I seriously believe that this will end years of cursing I get from my teens, I don’t mind them cursing me riches but concern if they spell me for getting age.

The 1st ‘honeymoon’ month was great, we go round boosting & promoting the use of streamyx, I was that close from getting advertising fee from TMnet.

Unfortunately, good days never last forever, my internet connection was frequently interrupted, the longest connection will be 10 ~ 15 mins, can’t stand the mental tortured & pressured from my teens, I started calling for help, I always believe & portrait myself as educated & civilised people, politeness & mannerism come first, I am patience listener and follow instruction given by the TMnet technical assistant.

I jotted down all the steps they instructed, knowing how to do simple verification, at the end of the 2nd month, modem & port have been replaced to curb the problem.

Unfortunately, the frequent interruption still persisted. My teens started to seek fun outside, lepak in supermarket, visit friends, and giving **‘Dalmatian’ reasons to leave the house, haiyoh… I was deeply depressed.

In return, the TM technical assistant was getting call from me every nite at 11 pm, just like reminding them to take medicine before bed. Slowly, I find them no longer human being, but a recording machine, the procedure was repeated from day after day.

My decent complaint turn hysterical, the last call I told them was, “I don’t care how but you got to rectify it, and I am taking half day leave to bang and break your table legs. If still can not settle, I will bring **1 litre of petrol together with matches." I behaved & sounded very much like ah long asking for debt…

Hey presto ! the service was express, the site tech called me up the next day during public holiday, and get it fix on the day morning. I feel so so syok….

Now, shaking my leg eating ‘kua chee’ watching my teens doing their frienster stuff. What a life !!

**Dalmatian = 101
**1 Litre petrol = due to petrol hike

06 June, 2008

When our petrol is cost more than mineral water

Petrol price skyrocketing, causing our pocket to burn and bleed. The sky of Malaysia covers with tons of negative vibes, all the grievances, complaints, curse & hatred form the dark grey cloud that float in the air.

Our office is unusually noisy, we have *3 women 1 pasar in the finance cubicle, and *2 women 50 ducks in the material management cubicle, the men are boosting and giving 10 pages of A4 size speeches on how the petrol hike will affect us in times to come.

Some are holding and pressing the calculator, some are using Excel worksheet to key in the formula, and some are digesting the newspaper.

The scenario looks like share market, and it went on for half an hour before they settle down to work.

Later, I found a lot of mails flying in, the Excel worksheet, the newspaper announcement, the demonstration pictures & so on.

Some positive thinkers view the petrol raise positively, less mat rempit to vroom around, less traffic jam, less pollution, less accident.

Some economy advisors are worrying, this will affect the consumers market, people will not eat out in the restaurant, will not buy car, will not buy property, will not travel, will not go for entertainment.

Sigh… we got to ‘reshape’ our lifestyle to cope with the petrol hike

Remarks : 3 women 1 pasar / 2 women 50 ducks– to describe the loud noise make by the women