27 June, 2008

Yoh! I have got FREE PHONE from TMB

Since my last encounter with TMB on the streamyx issue, both TMB & I have got our relationship entangled, we are no other but snow white, Cinderella and their step mother.

Yesterday, TMB called, trying to lure me to TM office, claiming that I owe them April streamyx bill, my intuition told me that TM could have found new potion for me, well, if I failed to settle within 14 days, they will bring Kapal Singh (lawyer) to see me.
I took emergency leave to TM, the meeting was carried out in harmony mood, they acted professionally, explaining and trying to make me feel comfortable with their mistake on the billing, well, well, this soothe me down. And I choose to take the potion apple by paying the April overdue bill.

Before the hand shake, I told TM that I need to purchase a set of new phone, they offer me a rebate of RM50 if I bring in the old phone, wao wao !! I was screaming with joy inside me, but still acted cool and calm to stay feminine.

Hehehe… laughing inside me, this is too good to be true, I proceed to the phone counter to make my selection so that I can be back on the next day to pick up the set.
The sales person checked thru my phone record, told me that they are giving me a free phone, ah yoh yoh !! FREE PHONE ler… I kind of too stun to react, freeze and lost conscious for 30 seconds, how could this happen? I never bang & break their table legs, never bring petrol & match stick, and why are they treating me so good & special. Can anyone lend me a shoulder for me to cry……? It was so so touching… 100 times more touching than watching Indian movie.

At home, I am toying with the new phone features, still wondering why and how I get the phone free.
“Why am I entitled for free phone?”
“Is free phone giving out to everyone?”
“How to qualify for the free phone?”

My above questions remain a mist and unanswered by TM, strange yah, they are giving it out for good course but not doing it openly to the public.


subrayoga said...

Dear Mommy Choo,

Most probably they feel bad that they have cheated you so much, therefore their guilty heart asked them to give you something back.

Anyhow, all these are your money.

SC Choo said...

at least they have conscious and feel bad about it. glad to know that there are good people around.

Ching Wei said...

Aiyo, not special treatment la, everyone who got old phone at home can bring their old phone for exchange of new phone but 1 number only entitle 1 and somemore u can register for the caller number to be displayed on the screen with only RM3 per mth. The new phone got this special feature and the ring tone also got a few choices. I have changed mine. Haha..