04 July, 2008

Desperate Hawkers

Young Mei Mei, my colleague went out to tar-pao (take away) chicken rice for us, the tao-ge-soh (lady boss) was nice and friendly to her, flattering her with all the complement she get in a year, whispered softly in her ear telling her that she is giving extra Asam soup, for she like her very much, she gave Mei Mei her name card, just by the call in advance, she will enjoy express service where waiting time is eliminated.

Mei Mei was impressed and we got tao-ge-soh story as a side dish for lunch, her happy soul was hovering in the air, showing her 3 middle fingers she swear that she would be faithful to tao-ge-soh and eat chicken rice for the rest of her working life. I almost throw out my last mouth full of rice...

The same night, I went to road side hawker to get some ‘pao’ (bun), pao was sold off and the tao-ge (boss) suggested a long list of other things, I yawned and told them I only want pao, tao-ge immediately gave me a name card, and recited the same thing Mei Mei get (minus he likes me lah), no waiting time, save petrol, prompt service, bla, bla, bla. I yawned again… ‘enough tao-ge, I promised to call you when I need pao yah…’, I cut short the conversation.

Sigh… the recent petrol price rocketing has caused everyone to strive harder to keep life moving, maybe tao-ge-soh need to sell 200 instead of 150 boxes of chicken rice to make end needs, and tao-ge needs to sell 200 pao instead of 100....

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