16 July, 2008

Beware!! We have Ah Long in the office

Getting loan from finance or bank, you risk your property being seal or tow away.

Getting loan from Ah Long, you risk your life, and get famous in no time, where your house is being paint, or your photostated IC posted in the whole Taman lamp post, and you can also partner with Micheal Chong to scold Ah Long in the newspaper.

In office, not paying your colleague promptly, you will get paint, seal & popularity as well.

This incident happened in my office, where RM9.22 KFC lunch bill was involved. Paint was seen all over the office cubicle, the entrance was sealed with masking tape, computer was spilled with paint, threatening notes were seen everywhere in the office.

See ... blue collar Ah Long at large in the office.


tony redgrave said...

i know this place..... oh the poor man....

crazy said...

whos cubicle is that? Yours?

SC said...

friend, i am good people, i always tak hutang... :)