24 July, 2008

Go Green for a Week

Green Environment Week was carried in our work area, to show our support, employees were encouraged to dress in green on the last day of the week.

Our office partitions were green, chairs were green, and with the green outfit makes us look like trees in the jungle.

Going green has stirred a whirlpool in our deadly ‘mourning’office. Our routine greeting of “good morning, chin jia ai kun nia (so sleepy) become :-
- Wau, you so green
- Wau lau eh.. green shoes, green hair pin, green ear ring
- Yee! your green is not green enough
- Wei, this is called green meh?
- (whisper) Boss got wear green bor?

Sharing the going Green topic, office politic was put aside, stabbing knife, screw driver and throwing dart were kept in the drawers, making the environment peaceful and harmony without pollution.

Later in the green afternoon, some suggested to those that wearing green but not green enough to have their eye sight examine, some suggested to save the green by squeezing out the so green & too green ink from the shirt for office use (need to wet the shirt first before squeezing), some suggested to staple green leaves on those who did not wear green. Some suggested to collect some fund to buy green outfit for those who don’t have it. Some suggested to use stabilo highlighter to get the face paint. Oops… some suggest to contribute green hat for guy (green hat is taboo in Chinese, meaning that girl friend or wife is cheating by having affair)

Hmmm…. here comes the war again.

See our Green pokok at work

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