21 December, 2007

It is good that you did not die at 42

Am playing the CD of Teresa Teng during the trip to Kumon tuition, I told Louis that Teresa Teng is one of my favourite singer, it was pity that she passed away at the age of 42.

After a short silent, Louis said with a smile, ‘mom, it is good that you did not die at 42’.

This little 5 years old son could have sense the fear of dying ….

18 June, 2007

Room 2511, Towel Please !!

Our trip to HongKong & Shezhen was good and enjoyable, in between we had some spice story to tell.

Upon leaving Shezhen to Hongkong, the whole group in the coach was stopped by the hotel claiming that they have missing towel in room 2511. These 2 middle aged ladies wasn’t very please with the accusation, her brother – crew cut hair with scar of pimples shouted abruptly, ‘who will steal their towel? We know the hotel rules’, loud enough for everyone of us to hear.

After much persuasion from the tour leader, the 2 ladies agreed to search thru the luggage to prove their dignity, big bulky luggage bag was unloaded, everyone from the coach lead against the window to see the happening.

One by one, the clothes was taken out, triangle flag lah, T-shirt lah…. White towel lah, light blue towel lah, checker towel lah, etc.

Sudden, one lady in the coach shouted, ‘Hey, I can recognize the light blue towel, it was from XYZ hotel, the checker towel from ABC hotel….’ And she went on, all the 3rd aunty and 6th granny (to describe the Caring group) in the coach rushed to the window to peep, the coach nearly overturn.

Full of embarrassment, the lady from Room 2511 gradually pulled out a white towel and hand over to the hotel housekeeper. Needless to tell the ending… she brought shame to all of us, even to our country as well.

Always remember that we are representing our country whenever we are in overseas. Try to behave well.

07 June, 2007

control of toilet paper

!@#%^* there was no toilet paper !! I shouted to the next cubicle to check, Lee responded ‘NO PAPER HERE ALSO!!’

During hand washing time, Lee STRESSED that this was part of Cost Down Project.

Low joined in & suggested to let each of us has a box toilet tissue dispenser with our name labeled.

I suggested installing CCTV on the tissue withdrawal scene to avoid stealing.

Lee said that tissue dispenser should have two buttons, one for small release and one for big business.

Sigh…. This is one of the typical OL (office ladies) talk in the toilet. It really proves that ladies take longer time in the toilet than man.

29 May, 2007

Ah Neh, what are you doing in my car ??

While we were in our dream land, someone shouted ‘theft stealing our car!!’, abruptly and reluctantly pull out from the dream, try to put ourselves together, instinct told us to arm with stick, rod, umbrella and my son….. with camera ??

Everything happened so fast, some shouted ‘not to go out, he may be armed with weapon !!’ some groaned ‘OPEN the DOOR !!’, some trigger the house alarm, some peeping behind window, it was in total mess…. And no one was take charge

The whole gin gang broke the door out, rush to the car porch, this so called … theft or intruder told us that he wish to sleep in the car. We can smell bear or rather he was drunk or under drug influenced, he dressed in shirt & sarong. We try to stop him by whacking him with whatever we have in hand.

My potential reporter son went on ‘click, click, click…’ the camera flashes, and also video clip the process.

The suspected theft was invited by the police to have free curry rice meal in the bar, 1st charge him for stealing (bicycle was found outside the fencing), 2nd charge him for illegally stay in Malaysia.

Post Mortem on the incident
1. Too dangerous with the participation of the ‘too old’ and ‘too young’, may be held hostages should circumstance arises
2. Got a chance to practice spanking and whacking… like the hero Jackie Chan did
3. Potential of cultivating a professional photographer
4. see the true self of neighborhood

What we lost ?
1. Umbrella handle – broken
2. 3 hours of quality sleep hours

What we gain ?
1. courage
2. Become popular over night – become the talk of our Taman… :)

24 May, 2007

Vroom… Vroom… Me too is the F1 Racer

I am always a careful driver since the day I got my license, I ensure that all the traffic signboards are follows religiously. One of the greatest reason behind this was I am very fearful of police, I maybe a theft or robber or a murderer in my past life.

2007 has marked a remarkable year for me, I am awarded the ‘tender’ to ferry my 3 school going kids to school, to tuition center, to music classes & others unplanned and ad-hoc trips.

The first few trips ended late for school, late for tuition or sent in to the wrong place, my customers (the kids) weren’t very happy about my performance, my 5 years old son Master L told me to speed up like the racing car (he adored all the F1 racers), he will give me morale support by making the ‘vroom vroom’ sound throughout the journey, he will hold his tuition book to pretend to be the steering wheel, his leg will act like he is pressing the petrol pedal, he will instruct me to close up the gap with the front car, to use the side lane if the main lane is crawling with queues. He also warned me not to drive with one hand and both hands must always glue on the steering wheel.

Master L also said that I need to put on my sun glasses to look cool, and better if I can put on the gloves as well. Vroom !!!!..... Here goes the mommy Choo speeding on the road.

The speediest driver on the road no longer belongs to youngster, the mummies too in the race.

15 May, 2007

Cheap way to wand off Cockroach

Keep a few fresh Pandanus or Pandan leaves in your drawers and it will wand off the dirty, smelly cockroach, your drawer will stays clean with the leaves fragrant. Change the pandan leaves once it dries up.

Ah Poh’s Last Journey

I was once requested my mum to revoke the idea of cremation, mum told me not to be silly as it was Granny’s wish. I was consoled by my aunt that body was just a shelter for the soul, the body will no longer be used once the soul leave.

For the last ritual before send off, we were asked to lay some yellow ‘wang sheng’ papers (亡生纸) on top of granny, granny looks a bit skinnier then a day before. She looks pleasant and calm.

The coffin cover was closed, we walked her out to the road junction, and we were ferried by bus to ‘Sang Poh Cave’, the same place where my grandpa rest, granny was placed in a cement hut for the cremation. The fire went on and I can see the smoke rises up in the sky from far distance, my granny ashes raise together, up in the sky and to the place called ‘Kee Loke Sai Kai’, a place where granny told me that good people deserve to go….

14 May, 2007

The Gold & Jewellery Industry in Penang

Wish to share some info on gold & Jewellery which I had read it from “Penang Economic Monthly” newsletter lately.

Approximately 75 – 80 % or 48 – 52 tonnes of the gold and jewellery in Malaysia are manufactured or fabricated in Penang.

Penang is the major exporter of gold & jewellery in the South East Asian region. More than 70% of the gold & jewellery manufactured in Penang is for the export market. The major export markets are the Middle East at almost 90%, North & South America at 6% and European countries at 4%.

There are 4 major gold & jewellery manufacturers on Penang Island, namely OE Design, Zenmax, Yikon and Zhulian.

Apart from export, Penang has its fair share of retail outlets located mainly along Campbell Street, Jalan Masjid Kapitan, Lebuh Ah Quee, and Market Street. These retailers cater to the domestic market and international tourists, mainly from Indonesia (Medan & Aceh), Southern Thailand, India and Saudi Arabia.

The gold & jewellery industry is a labour intensive industry, employs approx. 8,000 – 10,000 people in Penang. Over the past century, Penang has gained itself the reputation as possessing one of the finest gold craftsmanship in the world.

The Chinese have been the major players of the gold & jewellery, their experience encompasses manufacturing and trading of gold articles (bangles, necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc.) and gem setting (diamond & precious stones). Apart from the Chinese, there are smaller groups of Indian Muslim and Indian jewellers who are mainly involved in gem setting and are located around Jalan Masjid Kapitan and Market Street. The Indian Muslim and Indian jewelers main focus on retail, wholesale and small portion of import and export. Most of them provide the design and specifications based on their customer’s requirements to the Chinese goldsmiths and manufacturers for production.

11 May, 2007

Tooth Paste that Works Wonder on Cleaning

I am finding it annoying in seeing stains on my PC, printer, keyboard, typewriter & telephone. It was quite difficult to remove and I used to rub it hard with detergent, still the stain was there.

Mr KS Hor, then a ME engineer taught me how to use tooth paste for cleaning, squeeze some on a piece of wet cloth, just wipe it on the stain surface, marvelous !! it works wonder… effortless.

All my phone, PC, Monitor, Keyboard & printer are so clean now. I even use it to clean my white shoes & car dashboard. It also works well on drinking mug where it was stained with coffee & tea.

Try and you will be amazed by it.

Adios...My beloved 100 years old granny

My beloved granny saying sayonara to all her descendants, joining my grandpa which she had dreamt of him still looking young at 30 ++ years old. (Then was 70++).

Being positive, Granny never admitted that she was blind, she would told us that her eyesight was blur and she needs guiding. She was very understanding, caring, and sensitive to others’ feeling.

She was placed in Happy Nursing home for her last 2 months of life, I plan to get her a wheelchair when she is well enough to stay home, but my wish will never fulfill.

I will never have a chance to cut her nails again, or sitting beside her during meal time, and listen to her ‘Tong San’ (China) story.

Attached is one of my favorite photos taken together with her during Christmas time in 2005. This photo has been pasted up in my office cubicle since then.

I miss her always......