18 June, 2007

Room 2511, Towel Please !!

Our trip to HongKong & Shezhen was good and enjoyable, in between we had some spice story to tell.

Upon leaving Shezhen to Hongkong, the whole group in the coach was stopped by the hotel claiming that they have missing towel in room 2511. These 2 middle aged ladies wasn’t very please with the accusation, her brother – crew cut hair with scar of pimples shouted abruptly, ‘who will steal their towel? We know the hotel rules’, loud enough for everyone of us to hear.

After much persuasion from the tour leader, the 2 ladies agreed to search thru the luggage to prove their dignity, big bulky luggage bag was unloaded, everyone from the coach lead against the window to see the happening.

One by one, the clothes was taken out, triangle flag lah, T-shirt lah…. White towel lah, light blue towel lah, checker towel lah, etc.

Sudden, one lady in the coach shouted, ‘Hey, I can recognize the light blue towel, it was from XYZ hotel, the checker towel from ABC hotel….’ And she went on, all the 3rd aunty and 6th granny (to describe the Caring group) in the coach rushed to the window to peep, the coach nearly overturn.

Full of embarrassment, the lady from Room 2511 gradually pulled out a white towel and hand over to the hotel housekeeper. Needless to tell the ending… she brought shame to all of us, even to our country as well.

Always remember that we are representing our country whenever we are in overseas. Try to behave well.


kumowai said...

Haha.....a lot of us still haven't reach the level to understand what integrity is. I still remember during my college time we used to take everything that is free. Free T-shirt if sign up for credit cards, free pen /rulers/pencil/eraser from exibition, free recycle paper from class and much much more. Some of us even go through the trouble to get free toilet papers everyday from the college. It's like having the feeling of "Take as much as you can cause it's free, save you a lot of money and don't get behind".

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

yah, agree, i was once like that oso. Sad huh, even our parent said you can get anything in the air plane as your ticket covered it.

Now that I am parent, I have changed liao, I taught my kids not to do that. Sinful, can not get seat in the heaven later.