17 November, 2010

When there are less Shoppers

Being a home maker, I enjoy grocery shopping at non peak hour. Missing are the road traffic, given free will to drive at any speed, or bold enough to perform stun show by driving and cutting toes nails simultaneous. (while traffic police is sipping tea after the busy hours)

Car park is as spacious as desert, car can be parked anywhere, no one will leave creative signature on your car for occupying 2 parking lots.

Trolleys are always there, being the picky one, I use to choose the cleanest and sparkling trolley to bring shine to my face.

Goods are abundance and shoppers are less, I can choose, pick & inspect as I wish, I can use my snail reading speed to finish every single contents and look up for dictionary if needed so, or pocket out my calculator for price comparison.

Honestly, with less shoppers, my mood is super good, relax and happy.

The only setback is I hardly see those ‘leng cai & leng lui’ (handsome and pretty young chaps) around, meeting those with limited regenerative abilities who needed badly on facelift, or those left home without looking in the mirror, and some horrifying with polka pimples cream on their face.

At the counter, cashiers are so warm and friendly, using eye contact to signal that she is available for serving, and beg us to her counter. They will treat all the goods with extra care, arrange it nicely in the bag, forgetting not to bonus us with a smile and words of thank you.

11 September, 2010

Fishing - Difference experience

During the 1 week school holiday, we went for fishing in Sg. Petani, paying RM26 per rod per entry for 3 hours, we can bring back all our catch.

Chicken gizzard as bait

total of 5 ponds for the anglers to move around

This was consider crowded as fishing lines may be entangled if there is catch

1st we need to hold still on the rod, no moving even there is fire next door

2nd we must set our eye wide open staring on the floater, dont blink, or else we shall miss the nibbling

hours of patience & endurance (if same effort put in study, sure will get 1st placing in whole school)

there you go... the thrill and the satisfaction (10 times more happy than dating a pretty girl )

Here you go... Patin Fish

Removing hook with pliers

another catch - Cat fish, taste yummy with curry

Worth while after the long long wait, hot sun and missing date with pretty girl

05 September, 2010

Unusual Flowers

12 years old red palm trees, lately blossom with flowers.

shape likes octopus tentacles

close up look....

difference view

silhouette image

the tiny flowers drop or 'sprinkle' on everywhere

on the path

on the stones

in between roots

close up look, do you think it looks like jelly fish? or alien creatures

I finally caught this little one hanging on the spider web

12 August, 2010

Hat-Yai Floating Market

Floating Market extended wing from Bangkok to Hat-yai.

This is the arch gate entering into the floating market,
it was Hat-yai new born attraction, it was packed with local and people like me.
Upon entering, stores were seen on both side of the road, again,
it suck visitors and tourists money into their pocket.

this stainless steel bucket fill up with ice at the bottom, gas drinks poured into the mold with bamboo stick adhere, trader use the handle to turn the round bucket, and minutes later we get the ice stick as the end result

fighting fish in the bottle, wondering how they stuff the fish in it?

This store caught my immediate attention, guest what?
selling a full range of insects corps. Looks interesting to me

During that moment, my stomach wasn't that ok after my greed of drinking too much coffee,
so, I opted the big size Cicada out

I go for the thin worm - it tasted plain and dry

yes, these fat worm taste juicy, I just chew and swallow
without thinking where it came from
I miss the grasshopper picture, comparatively, grasshopper was dry and it taste like twig.

Look, scorpion kill people, n people take revenge

After all the insects delicacy, there is a bridge to cross over the river,
on the right side is the stilt huts on the river

and on the left is the floating markets of Hat-yai

Camera Zoom in...
Look, clay pots containers with juice in it, and you can keep the container after used ,
cost 20 bahts or RM2

Creative hats and serving deco

Covered up food, flies no more

Noodle on sales

boats are parked side by side

dessert on sale

Colorful goodies
After all the good food, I am lucky that my stomach was corporative enough without much fuss.

What a great experience!

If you happen to be there, dont miss this.

15 July, 2010

Journey to Hat Yai

My 2nd trip to Hat Yai in 3 months' time.

This round, I bring along my dum-dum camera, a simple
camera cater for the dum-dum user, no focus require,
only click-click finger exercising.

Bought this Jasmine garland from petty trader promoting at the traffic
light, cost 20 bahts and its aroma freshen up the car.
Heading towards Hat Yai

Unknown temple along the road side.
Spotted this car with auspicious number 8888

Shops & my favorite 7 Eleven

Electric cables are plentiful.

At one glance, I thought accident occur that causes the tyres fly
hanging in between the cables, Ops! it is the excessive cables rolled up,
cater for expansion?? cause unknown.

Thai people given due respect to their King Bhumibol Adulyadej,
big photos are displayed everywhere along the road.
Blurred image ?? Nope, it is due to rain

Overhead arch with King's picture

Thai people are creative, look at the lamp poles with difference designs

Fish design lamp pole

Lamp pole with traditional dancers design

This is the popular commuter Tuk Tuk (blocked by motorist),
where we get around conveniently with 10 to 20 baths per trip

Overload rubber tree trunks.

Motorists can be wonder quite freely, no helmet needed,
and the kid can be seated in front.

Look... 1 driver and 2 pillions, and some with 3.
Continue..... More pictures coming soon.