12 August, 2010

Hat-Yai Floating Market

Floating Market extended wing from Bangkok to Hat-yai.

This is the arch gate entering into the floating market,
it was Hat-yai new born attraction, it was packed with local and people like me.
Upon entering, stores were seen on both side of the road, again,
it suck visitors and tourists money into their pocket.

this stainless steel bucket fill up with ice at the bottom, gas drinks poured into the mold with bamboo stick adhere, trader use the handle to turn the round bucket, and minutes later we get the ice stick as the end result

fighting fish in the bottle, wondering how they stuff the fish in it?

This store caught my immediate attention, guest what?
selling a full range of insects corps. Looks interesting to me

During that moment, my stomach wasn't that ok after my greed of drinking too much coffee,
so, I opted the big size Cicada out

I go for the thin worm - it tasted plain and dry

yes, these fat worm taste juicy, I just chew and swallow
without thinking where it came from
I miss the grasshopper picture, comparatively, grasshopper was dry and it taste like twig.

Look, scorpion kill people, n people take revenge

After all the insects delicacy, there is a bridge to cross over the river,
on the right side is the stilt huts on the river

and on the left is the floating markets of Hat-yai

Camera Zoom in...
Look, clay pots containers with juice in it, and you can keep the container after used ,
cost 20 bahts or RM2

Creative hats and serving deco

Covered up food, flies no more

Noodle on sales

boats are parked side by side

dessert on sale

Colorful goodies
After all the good food, I am lucky that my stomach was corporative enough without much fuss.

What a great experience!

If you happen to be there, dont miss this.


smallkucing said...

wanna pengsan liao looking at ppl eating the insect and worms

Just Cool Gal said...

very nice written! ^^

Anonymous said...

mommy chu; is it open daily>? must been new, I've never been there.

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

small kucing - try, must try. only once n for all.

Coolgal - tks for encouragement

penangwolf - yes, new attraction.