19 February, 2009

Little Woman works on Time Saving

I always rush against time, time management become crucial to me, I would save my time by doing 2 things simultaneously, I will have my important breakfast on the journey to work, reading in the traffic crawl, reading in the bank, reading in the restaurant, and hard to kick off the bad habit of reading in the toilet. A book will always intact whenever I am out, wasting not even a single second.

I found shopping to be time consuming, to save time and for conveniences, buying 2 difference colors for the same design save at least half an hour on sourcing for 2nd design, I go for personal items like shoes, skirts, blouses & bags.

As years go by, and I grow to be greedy, the buying 2 has increased to 3 or sometimes 4, it works well for presents & gifts. Extra present will be stored for the 'just in case' occasion. I felt satisfied for my brilliant ideas, and I truly believed that I am more than qualified to conduct time management course for the public.

Just two weeks ago, I discovered that I had bought 7 difference colors vests and 6 hair bands with the same design, not for giving away, but all for myself. My colleague Boon told me that I have turned into a collector. Her comment has triggered and alarmed me on my unusual spendthrift behavior.

The evolution of time saving to spendthrift to shopaholic, better get it straighten before you see me begging in the street.

07 February, 2009

We Hypnotize Chicken ??

Read some related articles on Chicken can be hypnotized (http://www.mindpowernews.com/HypnotizeChicken.htm), we try it at home and it works, look at the pictures & short clip that I have taken.

Some article explaining this wasn’t from the human brain power, it is merely that chicken are in fear of human being, for survivor, it is best to stay still in order not to get hurt.

03 February, 2009

Teacher's Predicament

My little L entered standard 1 this year, the new comer orientation was good and effective, 3 teachers were in the class to help up (compare to 1 teacher previously), all parents' worries and problem were addressed accordingly.

Among the teachers, thumb up for the junior teachers, possess the attitude of enthusiasm, joyous, humorous and gained instant liking by the student. Some senior teachers turn out otherwise, looked fierce and cold, unapproachable and unfriendly.

Little L gets the 'clam shell' (difficult to get her open mouth) teacher as his class teacher, she hardly talk, and most of the time rooted on the seat doing some paper work, long enough for the spider to weave cobweb around her, due to her ignorance, the student tend to look for fun to kill the bore. They started chatting, playing with stationary, hitting and beating each other, complaints went unnoticed from student that shouted like 'teacher, he beat me', 'teacher he take my pencil', 'teacher, he take off his shoes'.

On the 2nd day, the class remained noisy, 'clam shell' teacher started execute her power, she started to confiscate things that will make noise or arouse the noise from student, soon, her table was piled up with tumblers, erasers, pencils, rulers plus an active and talkative student sitting next to her table. With her sudden stern action the class immediately as quiet as a church.

Those parents watching or peeping through the window along the corridor, were seen discussing on the move, 'See, good for the student to get fierce teacher, they behaved.' 'Yah, much better if spare the rod' responded another mother. Not far from there, stay a group of parents objecting the move, 'Why frighten the young kids? ‘Why can't the teacher be a bit more patient, give warning first before the drastic move’. 'Should raise this issue up or complaint to the school.'

I am caught in the middle musing, at times it is pointless to complaint, as teacher will revenge and give hard time to the student for the whole year. This maybe worst and it hurts little soul and carry the unpleasant experience throughout their life. Equally bad, if we just keep silent and let the teacher behave like jail officer giving out stern order. I should say no one is perfect, we ought to teach our children how to behave and how to avoid punishment.