19 February, 2009

Little Woman works on Time Saving

I always rush against time, time management become crucial to me, I would save my time by doing 2 things simultaneously, I will have my important breakfast on the journey to work, reading in the traffic crawl, reading in the bank, reading in the restaurant, and hard to kick off the bad habit of reading in the toilet. A book will always intact whenever I am out, wasting not even a single second.

I found shopping to be time consuming, to save time and for conveniences, buying 2 difference colors for the same design save at least half an hour on sourcing for 2nd design, I go for personal items like shoes, skirts, blouses & bags.

As years go by, and I grow to be greedy, the buying 2 has increased to 3 or sometimes 4, it works well for presents & gifts. Extra present will be stored for the 'just in case' occasion. I felt satisfied for my brilliant ideas, and I truly believed that I am more than qualified to conduct time management course for the public.

Just two weeks ago, I discovered that I had bought 7 difference colors vests and 6 hair bands with the same design, not for giving away, but all for myself. My colleague Boon told me that I have turned into a collector. Her comment has triggered and alarmed me on my unusual spendthrift behavior.

The evolution of time saving to spendthrift to shopaholic, better get it straighten before you see me begging in the street.

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