06 March, 2009

We were put on Chopping Board

Don't know what went wrong to the world? The good old days had gone, leaving us now is the economy crisis.

Here in Penang, we change our usual greeting of 'lu chiak par bey?' (Taken your meal?) to 'Lu eh kong si ho bor ?' or literally translated 'How is your company?' 'Got order ?' ( refers to production volume or sales revenue) 'got shut down?' 'Got lay off?'.

The dark evil dirty blanket had covered up the sky, everyone was living in fear, fearing that they might be affected by pay cut, lay off, factory close down & others measurement to counter the economy turmoil.

My company sales order came sharply down like bungee-jump, the management sharpens its cleaver, place us on the chopping board, chopping us like mince meat.

1st chopped was the employees benefits, e.g. chop annual dinner, chop birthday gift, chop company trip, chop festive gift, chop gathering fund, chop service award, chop car loan & chop attendance bonus.

2nd Chop was the salary, we were forced to take 4 days leave in a month to weather the huge burden of workforce. Meaning that we will eventually have pay cut upon use up of our annual leave.

3rd Chop was the abundance headcount. Out of sudden, we found disappearing operators, technicians, engineers and managers. It was quietly done.

My nightmare will be seeing my boss holding a bloody cleaver in his hand, grapping hair of a chopped head in another hand, telling me, ‘Choo, you will be next !’ I will surely drama myself by kneeing down begging, ‘boss, I need to care for my 100 yrs old granny, 75 yrs old father, 3 of my own children, 5 of my friend's dogs, 15 gold fishes, 5 chicken, 20 lizards, they all need me, just like I need my job.’

This nightmare scene is scary enough, I need to create more work value to avoid being place on the chopping board.


subrayoga said...

Lizards know how to survive.....actually they are better than all of us.

Anonymous said...

May God Bless you !

from HSN-KBR,TING :)

Pete said...

The economy going into another phase. But before the transition takes place there will be turmoil. The stock market was an indicator that this year economy going to be bad. Expect to bottom down by year end....so if you can hold on until then should be safe.

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

Subra, next life i want to be lizard

Tng, tks for dropping by. Need more god to support

Pete, hai yah, i just drop a few K in unit trust for leveraging ler... too early kah ?

Anonymous said...

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