10 April, 2009

Extra Classes to Excel

There are plenty of tuition centers near my area to cater for primary & secondary student, almost 95% of the student attended at least 2 or more classes per week. Those do well in academy without tuition are classified as eccentric, extraordinary or genius.

Traffic jam and air pollution are normal scene near tuition centre. Teachers’ supplementary income rise from 4-digits to 5-digits, high tech gadget such as notebook, overhead projector, wireless microphone are used to cater big classes of more than 100 students.

Catching up 2 or 3 tuition lessons after school is a norm, kids are picked up from school and send from one to another tuition class, to save time, eating & changing clothes in the car are made possible.

Competition is rife, tuition centers are all ways out to lull and recruiting more students, advertisement banners of all sizes and colors are in race along the road, flyers are distributed much often to add weight in selling together with newspaper. To maintain good reputation, some centers prefer to pick top performance students, gradually sift out or disqualify the non performance student.

I happened to bump into a reputable tuition center for secondary school. To amaze me that the responsible principal actually acted like a discipline teacher with a long cane in her hand, auditing classes from time to time. She will hop into noisy class, exercises her cane by smacking on the table to wake up or frighten the student, punishing the chatter box by separating their sitting position, confiscating handphone if found any, lastly wind up with 10 mins long winded preaching causing the student to yawn.

Hmmm..... student at the age of 13 ~ 17 yrs is old enough, wondering the appearing of cane will do any help to deter wrong doing? I believe lots of parent welcomes this act, to ensure that their kids are under close supervision. How the student feel being treated like small kid ? I ended up in deep deep puzzle & pondering. Readers, appreciate if you could share your view for enlightenment.


kumowai said...

Sounds like a prison then a tuition center to me. The main goal of these tuition center is to make money. In order to do that, keeping a good reputation is a must. Good reputation refers to "Students score good grades after attending the class". So won't be a surprise that some tuition center only accept good performance students.

As for parents, making clear the reasons to send their kids to tuition center is a must. Either is to fill up the kids time by tuition so that they won't wonder around places wasting time, trying to help them on certain topics that they can not follow during class or simply just want them to get the best examination results. The effect of tuition is good when necessary. Some students needed and some don't. Filling up their time with tuition class might not be a good idea. There are lot more important things to learn for kids and these things can not be taught in class.

P/S: How many kids suggested to their parents that they want to go for tuition class? :)

xiaotian-love said...

Well well, i am not yet a parent, so all of the followings are just my opinion as a newly-entered-adult-phase adult. Seeing so many rebellious teenagers nowadays, i m quite worried about how i should raise my future children. I am definitely going to be a working parent, a very busy one,i m scared that my children will grow up feeling insufficient, and show their insufficiency by some rebellious actions when they turn teenagers.

Anyway, about this tuition thing, i do agree tat when u mix with the right gang, u will improve alot, as this happened to me when i was young. So, sometimes it is just ur luck to mix with the right gang, but sometimes extra effort is needed in order to get in contact with the right gang..eg: work harder to enter good school or good tuition centres.

Also, i agree that kids' free time shouldnt be filled up with tuition only,i think character building and sex education from parents are so essential as the morality is very low nowadays.haih...

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

All, thanks for the feedback, appreciate it.

@@ Kumon, refering to your last point, getting the youth to get involve in extra activities is encouraging, but forgeting not the group influence staying stronger than the parent wish.

@@ Tian, hmmm... your suggestion on character building & sex education put me into musing... will consider these