24 October, 2009

My very own FarmVille

Come n view my chilli 'farming', see the little bud

The Flower grow facing down

See the baby Chilli

Wao.... Red and perhap spicy

Oops... a bit over ride

sigh... withered harvest

Should work harder in Facebook FarmVille before the actual hand on.

07 October, 2009

Lost & Found

My hair stand up went I found things missing from my home, my blood pressure shoot up causing my hair curl and burnt when my kids said, “I don’t know, I never use.” I feel like juicing them and drink, or stuff them back into my stomach where their hometown was.

Obviously all these items do not have wings that make flying possible, neither do my kids have the ability to ‘David Copperfield’ it.

Giving up the idea of confronting the kids debating who took it, I ended up replacing all the missing items, storing them in highly confidential places where the kids shall have no clue to find the location. Can you imagine that I am turning my dressing table into tool table keeping screw drivers, test pen, measurement tape, meter, cellophane tapes, scissors, screwdriver, Uhu glue, etc. I ever think of getting a big safe box to keep things, especially scissors & nail clippers.

There was that ONE day, the sun rises from the North, the lightning strike on my head, which brought me the courage to do room cleaning for my kids, the scene wrecked by typhoon Ketsana and Tsunami, I am like the rescuer salvaging the property from the rubbles. My eyes blink blink, as I discovered my long lost nail clippers, my camera, my card reader, scissors, screwdriver, face cleanser, canister and more more... I am more joyful than slimming 5 kgs weight.

My kids earned themselves long winded nagging for at least 3 weeks.