17 November, 2010

When there are less Shoppers

Being a home maker, I enjoy grocery shopping at non peak hour. Missing are the road traffic, given free will to drive at any speed, or bold enough to perform stun show by driving and cutting toes nails simultaneous. (while traffic police is sipping tea after the busy hours)

Car park is as spacious as desert, car can be parked anywhere, no one will leave creative signature on your car for occupying 2 parking lots.

Trolleys are always there, being the picky one, I use to choose the cleanest and sparkling trolley to bring shine to my face.

Goods are abundance and shoppers are less, I can choose, pick & inspect as I wish, I can use my snail reading speed to finish every single contents and look up for dictionary if needed so, or pocket out my calculator for price comparison.

Honestly, with less shoppers, my mood is super good, relax and happy.

The only setback is I hardly see those ‘leng cai & leng lui’ (handsome and pretty young chaps) around, meeting those with limited regenerative abilities who needed badly on facelift, or those left home without looking in the mirror, and some horrifying with polka pimples cream on their face.

At the counter, cashiers are so warm and friendly, using eye contact to signal that she is available for serving, and beg us to her counter. They will treat all the goods with extra care, arrange it nicely in the bag, forgetting not to bonus us with a smile and words of thank you.