19 April, 2010

Shopping in Hat Yai - Southern Thailand

It takes about approximately 2.5 hours to reach Hat Yai (Southern Thailand) by road from my home Penang, Malaysia, a day trip shopping will be sufficient.

This trip round, I only plan to get myself a backpack and an umbrella, this is important to set shopping target avoiding being over spend.

I slipped into Alzheimer's disease upon arrival, my lost of memory was proven below.

With the help from my Queen of Negotiator sister in law,
I managed to get the backpack hacked from 450 Bahts to 250 Bahts (approx. RM25),
the rest of 2 outfit are out of my list. Valued at 100 Bahts & 250 Bahts respectively
Irresistible purchase
promotion on socks at 100 Bahts for 5 pairs
Unknown cake or pastry that my taste buds love to try

Unknown Meat ball that I bought from Carrefour
Best Mooyang Chapohkij or "Satay" in Malaysia
Then, finally my 2 bags full of .... eh.... eh...
Purchases from 7-Eleven
More than 10 types of instant noodles
beside instant noodles
this was the overall view, coffee, sweets,
bubble gum, juices, crisps, tit bits, & etc
Finally, an alien bill was given

Oh yes, I left out my umbrella. Must include it in my list for the next trip.

11 April, 2010


Ricky was 60 months old (or 36 yrs old in dog’s age), weighting around 80 kgs, with its golden shinning hair, he looks more like a lion than a dog. He loved to eat plain bread beside dog food.

Ricky was mighty strong & heavy, we were unable to get him move if he just sit there, the bread works wonder to get him move around with our wish. There was once that he sat on my feet and I had hard time to withdraw. I would close to fall if he accidentally bumps onto me.

Ricky was a busybody, he would come round to watch the happening at home, he would follow us where ever we go, trying to learn and participate our activities. He loved to bath, he would rendered help by bringing soap.

Yesterday was the day, Ricky was call to heaven, some said he got heart attacked, some said that he was ill, but the god up there said that they need Ricky to guard the heaven gate.

The children were sobbing with the looks of gold fish or constipated eyes, the little one could not understand and asked 5W + 1H questions, parent busy searching google, Wikipedia to get the answers.

Ricky, RIP and be good up there.

02 April, 2010

Sayonara ~~~ 8 am ~ 5:30 pm

Spending 20 years minus 3 months at the same place is not an easy attempt for me, prior to this I hopped like a flea, I landed with difference companies working for only 4 months, 6 months, 9 months…., and 11 months was the longest, higher pay check was the motivation for the hop.

Till now, I still haven’t got the clue for my faithful 2 decades services. This company transformed me to become parasite, holding tight on to the company pillar till the last breath. I will not leave unless the company asks me to. Honestly, I deserve loyalty award.

Too bad, the good old days has gone where the company no longer strong enough to foot anyone of us, I was gifted a big fat check to end my career life. 20 years of memories, 20 years of experiences, 20 years of gifts collections, which takes me almost a month to organize and bring home. It’s scared my kids to see me building up ‘office’ at home.

I love to say hello but hate to say goodbye, I am hiding myself from answering the phone. Still there were overseas callers managed to catch me at home to wish me luck. Customers, vendors and suppliers were giving me tons of advices to ensure that I don’t slip into depression at home.How touching and I could cry and flood the town.

There were a few that welcome me to their ‘world’ and ‘enjoy new life’, I am wondering where and how?

Anyhow, leaving didn’t seem as hard as it is, I learn to detach my feeling and everything went well without tear or heart breaking.

The following pictures were taken on the last day - 31 March 2010, just minutes before the door and lighting were officially closed and turn off.

01 April, 2010

Coming soon....

Dear readers,

I have got all your mails to check on my well being. I have got some thing up lately, shall be back on blog soon.

Thank you.