19 April, 2010

Shopping in Hat Yai - Southern Thailand

It takes about approximately 2.5 hours to reach Hat Yai (Southern Thailand) by road from my home Penang, Malaysia, a day trip shopping will be sufficient.

This trip round, I only plan to get myself a backpack and an umbrella, this is important to set shopping target avoiding being over spend.

I slipped into Alzheimer's disease upon arrival, my lost of memory was proven below.

With the help from my Queen of Negotiator sister in law,
I managed to get the backpack hacked from 450 Bahts to 250 Bahts (approx. RM25),
the rest of 2 outfit are out of my list. Valued at 100 Bahts & 250 Bahts respectively
Irresistible purchase
promotion on socks at 100 Bahts for 5 pairs
Unknown cake or pastry that my taste buds love to try

Unknown Meat ball that I bought from Carrefour
Best Mooyang Chapohkij or "Satay" in Malaysia
Then, finally my 2 bags full of .... eh.... eh...
Purchases from 7-Eleven
More than 10 types of instant noodles
beside instant noodles
this was the overall view, coffee, sweets,
bubble gum, juices, crisps, tit bits, & etc
Finally, an alien bill was given

Oh yes, I left out my umbrella. Must include it in my list for the next trip.


Gina said...


smallkucing said...

wah lau eh...borong so many goodies ah...Me green with envy liao :)

wenn said...

wow, so many things!

reanaclaire said...

its been many years since i went to Hatyai, i wanted to go there again.. hopefully soon..

Pete said...

Wah buy so many stuffs....enjoying your early retirement....LOL!

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

Gina - 该买的没买, 不该买的乱买。

SmallKucing - ya, pocket bleeding

Wenn - qualify for shopperholic group

Reanaclaire - some time scare to go oso, remember the 2005 bombing in Carrefour

Pete - Remember ? I was paid to stay home for 20 mths ??

Anonymous said...

Mommy; you got go massage boh?

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

Penangwolf - no wor.... never strike my mind to try. Good meh ?

Anonymous said...

go Hadyai never go massage mana boleh. very good but you need to build your confidence towards the masseur or else .... may sprain your joints.

Anonymous said...

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rainfield61 said...

Hey. Have many good days after that last day.

I go searching for Penangwolf but he only yelled once. He must not be a lunar wolf.

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

ya ya.... must enjoy the good days. Penangwolf busy kot.