11 April, 2010


Ricky was 60 months old (or 36 yrs old in dog’s age), weighting around 80 kgs, with its golden shinning hair, he looks more like a lion than a dog. He loved to eat plain bread beside dog food.

Ricky was mighty strong & heavy, we were unable to get him move if he just sit there, the bread works wonder to get him move around with our wish. There was once that he sat on my feet and I had hard time to withdraw. I would close to fall if he accidentally bumps onto me.

Ricky was a busybody, he would come round to watch the happening at home, he would follow us where ever we go, trying to learn and participate our activities. He loved to bath, he would rendered help by bringing soap.

Yesterday was the day, Ricky was call to heaven, some said he got heart attacked, some said that he was ill, but the god up there said that they need Ricky to guard the heaven gate.

The children were sobbing with the looks of gold fish or constipated eyes, the little one could not understand and asked 5W + 1H questions, parent busy searching google, Wikipedia to get the answers.

Ricky, RIP and be good up there.


smallkucing said...

So sorry to heart that. So young some more :( RIP

Alice Law said...

Sorry to hear that... When my dog husky passed away, I was like striked by a lightning!

He was such an adorable dog, can see his fur was nicely taken care of!

Have a nice day to you!

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

yah.... how sad.

tks for the visit.