24 July, 2008

Go Green for a Week

Green Environment Week was carried in our work area, to show our support, employees were encouraged to dress in green on the last day of the week.

Our office partitions were green, chairs were green, and with the green outfit makes us look like trees in the jungle.

Going green has stirred a whirlpool in our deadly ‘mourning’office. Our routine greeting of “good morning, chin jia ai kun nia (so sleepy) become :-
- Wau, you so green
- Wau lau eh.. green shoes, green hair pin, green ear ring
- Yee! your green is not green enough
- Wei, this is called green meh?
- (whisper) Boss got wear green bor?

Sharing the going Green topic, office politic was put aside, stabbing knife, screw driver and throwing dart were kept in the drawers, making the environment peaceful and harmony without pollution.

Later in the green afternoon, some suggested to those that wearing green but not green enough to have their eye sight examine, some suggested to save the green by squeezing out the so green & too green ink from the shirt for office use (need to wet the shirt first before squeezing), some suggested to staple green leaves on those who did not wear green. Some suggested to collect some fund to buy green outfit for those who don’t have it. Some suggested to use stabilo highlighter to get the face paint. Oops… some suggest to contribute green hat for guy (green hat is taboo in Chinese, meaning that girl friend or wife is cheating by having affair)

Hmmm…. here comes the war again.

See our Green pokok at work

16 July, 2008

Beware!! We have Ah Long in the office

Getting loan from finance or bank, you risk your property being seal or tow away.

Getting loan from Ah Long, you risk your life, and get famous in no time, where your house is being paint, or your photostated IC posted in the whole Taman lamp post, and you can also partner with Micheal Chong to scold Ah Long in the newspaper.

In office, not paying your colleague promptly, you will get paint, seal & popularity as well.

This incident happened in my office, where RM9.22 KFC lunch bill was involved. Paint was seen all over the office cubicle, the entrance was sealed with masking tape, computer was spilled with paint, threatening notes were seen everywhere in the office.

See ... blue collar Ah Long at large in the office.

14 July, 2008

You too, deserve a laugh

My colleagues recommended these two comedians’ sites, where it tickled my funny bone and I was laughing my head off. They are so funny and comical. View thru and you too, deserve a great laugh.

1. Russell Peters - Canadian based comedian. Features include biography, news, press releases, concert dates, gallery, FAQs, forum, weblog and merchandise. His Youtube videos have been viewed by over 6 million individual viewers (you may view his talk by viewing in Youtube

2. Comedy court - The Malaysia’s foremost Comedy Courtiers, Allan Perera and Indi Nadarajah. (Since 1996 they have delighted us in their alter egos as Loga and Singam, Mat and Din, the Two Dato’s, KC and TC, Myrtle and Thavi in such memorable acts as Quid Pro Quo, Res Ipsa Loquitur, The Executive Spa, Who wants to be a Billionaire, Men-a-pause, The Usual Suspects and The Comedy Court Review).

Hope you enjoy it.

04 July, 2008

Desperate Hawkers

Young Mei Mei, my colleague went out to tar-pao (take away) chicken rice for us, the tao-ge-soh (lady boss) was nice and friendly to her, flattering her with all the complement she get in a year, whispered softly in her ear telling her that she is giving extra Asam soup, for she like her very much, she gave Mei Mei her name card, just by the call in advance, she will enjoy express service where waiting time is eliminated.

Mei Mei was impressed and we got tao-ge-soh story as a side dish for lunch, her happy soul was hovering in the air, showing her 3 middle fingers she swear that she would be faithful to tao-ge-soh and eat chicken rice for the rest of her working life. I almost throw out my last mouth full of rice...

The same night, I went to road side hawker to get some ‘pao’ (bun), pao was sold off and the tao-ge (boss) suggested a long list of other things, I yawned and told them I only want pao, tao-ge immediately gave me a name card, and recited the same thing Mei Mei get (minus he likes me lah), no waiting time, save petrol, prompt service, bla, bla, bla. I yawned again… ‘enough tao-ge, I promised to call you when I need pao yah…’, I cut short the conversation.

Sigh… the recent petrol price rocketing has caused everyone to strive harder to keep life moving, maybe tao-ge-soh need to sell 200 instead of 150 boxes of chicken rice to make end needs, and tao-ge needs to sell 200 pao instead of 100....