25 June, 2009

Garlic Bread & Mushroom Soup – ABC Preparation

My family members just love to have garlic bread dipped into mushroom soup, it is a ‘MUST’ eat dish in Pizza Hut and any Western Restaurant outlet.

My dear colleague Boon told me that I can actually get it DIY at home, cheap & economy, simple as ABC.

A. Garlic Spread (get in Giant, Carrefour, Tesco, next to Butter or Cheese corner)
B. A loaf of French Bread cut into slices
C. A can of mushroom soup

Spread the Garlic spread over the French Bread slice, put into Microwave Oven, use the 'Bake' feature, bake for 1 min or if you like it crispy go for 1 min 20 sec, alternatively can use electric Oven.

Empty mushroom soup, add in 200ml water and bring it to boil. Here you can enjoy your Ooh-la-la garlic bread dip in mushroom soup. Yummy.....

23 June, 2009

Just A Wish

At the age of 82, his vision gets blur, hearing gets worse, knees gets weak.

In lieu of the multiplying weaknesses, he was forced to scarify a lot of good things in his life. He gave up driving resulting inflexibility of getting around freely. He surrendered his responsibilities, he needless worry on marketing, household errant, bills, shopping and etc.

Besides, he had less accessibility to mend his own plantation, the place that he had worked for decades, money earned from the crops was to provide better shelter for the family, children education and now income for his retirement. He ought to trust his workers on the harvesting result & profit made. There were no way his children able to run the plantation business for him, as the kids had their own dream and business.

The only thing that he enjoys during boredom was to puff a few sticks to bring back the old memory that he vividly remember, but the whooping cough forces the doctor to put a stop on his medical report.

To get around, he needed 2 walking sticks to support his body, his knees are no longer able to support the body weight, and wheel chair was in used for longer journey.

He draws public attention where ever he had been, he just felt frustrated being looked on as handicap, he had a simple wish, a small wish to walk tall on his own without the 2 useless walking sticks. He once dreamt of his old buddy pushing bicycle, his buddy told him that bicycle replaced the walking sticks, this has triggered and sparkle his hope, he ‘summon’ his wife to assist and prevent him from falling while he do the pushing around in the house, it was not easy but he willing to give it a try. He just hopes that he can be able to manage it and who knows, he maybe able to ride on the bicycle when he get familiarise with the bicycle.

His wife burst his bubble dream by telling him that he will only able to ride on the bicycle in next life when he reborn again.

18 June, 2009

Japanese Table - Good, Good, Good!

Japanese table is my favourite, some called it low table or study table. The table top can be found in the shape of rectangular, square or even round, size approximately 1.5' x 2.5', could be smaller or bigger. The height is ranged from 12” ~17”.

The benefit of Japanese table :-
1. Ideal for study as books can be extended and place on the floor
2. Mobil-able and handy - can put anywhere you like
3. No chair is needed
4. Save space & easy for storage as table legs are foldable
5. Good for board games
6. Can be use as computer table
7. And many more usage like dining, 'yam cha', coffee table & etc
You may get it from any hypermarket, price are affortable and inexpensive, you will find it worthy.

13 June, 2009

Out of the Roles of Secretary

Whenever I responded that I am a Secretary by profession, some will look at me with disbelieve, in general, they expected someone slim for not breaking the boss bones on the lap, as beauty as a vase not a pot, rainbow Nippon paint face not black & white TV, and revealing female fashion not conservative attire. None of their expectation matches me.

Along my career line, I have the opportunity to work with bosses from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, US, Britain & Malaysia, with all kind of characteristic and working behavior, I learned to adjust myself to suit difference roles.

Just list a few to share with all of you:-

Roles of Student – Please help on my MBA project paper. OK Boss, give me deadline and I prepare for you. (I think I deserve a MBA certificate from my boss, for which I had help him to complete all his project papers)

Roles of Teacher - I need to improve my English. OK Boss, I speak English with you and write English mail to you

Roles of Editor – I got stuck with the Toastmaster homework – OK Boss, I edit and complete the speech for you

Roles of newscaster – I am too busy for the newspaper, OK boss, I agree to summaries and read it out for you daily

Roles of Nutritionist – My wife limit my diet. OK Boss, no coffee after lunch, no peanut, no junk food. (But my boss snatched my tidbit from my desk)

Roles of Liar 1 – I have no affair or what so ever, that woman was insane. OK boss, you have no girl friend beside your wife

Roles of Liar 2 –Ms XXX and I are on business trip, she is afraid to go alone. OK boss, both of you are on business trip

Roles of Listener – I am stressed, Taiwan pushes too hard (my lady boss weeping). YES boss, they push too much

You may feel funny and ticklish, yet, I have gone through it, though, I also learned along the way, widen my knowledge and gaining great experience from them. All I have to say is Thank You, Boss !

10 June, 2009

Toothpaste Tube - You Can Actually Empty It

I am sure that everyone with teeth should have difficult experience of depleting toothpaste tube, squeezing, flattering & rolling the tube by getting the last particle. Various methods & gadgets have been used, you can refer this website for innovative tools to work on it http://www.core77.com/blog/object_culture/getting_that_last_drop_of_toothpaste_9574.asp

I came across Taiwan TV channel, introducing a straw to empty out the tube effortlessly. Try this out for which you may be surprised how simple it isStep 1 : All you need is just a drinking straw
Step 2 : Insert the straw in the tube, blow and inflate it

Step 3 : Remove straw & close the cover, swing the tube vigorously by holding the end part, the reminding toothpaste will eventually slide towards the opening of the tubeDone !! you can now use it for another 50 more times, repeat step 1 ~ 3 should you needed. I apply it on my cleanser or anything in tube form.

Brilliant idea right ??

05 June, 2009

When the big boss is coming

The place where I hang around from 8 am ~ 5:30 pm belongs to some big brand in Taiwan, closed to two decades of establishment in Malaysia. Due to the distance, headquarter was not able to have close watch over our operation, we were left freely based on trust and empowerment.

There were times that the big boss from HQ would like to look see the true, dropping by physically reviewing business, financial and evaluate the possibility of business expansion.

Our local boss started to worry and butt was feeling hot from the seat, he dug out his old and dusty weapon - the 5S book, following step by step on the 5S housekeeping, staffs from top to bottom were made busy like bees. Transformed the area into total quality work environment. (like Cinderella fairy tale, pumpkin turned into carriage).

External facelift started with trees trimming, shrubs & bushes got renewal pruning and eelgrass got their life shorten. Repaint on the dirty, flaking and peeling wall, clean the stubborn floor.

5S housekeeping really came alive from the graveyard, stressing on standardization of uniforms, shoes, tables & chairs, the unwanted, outdated document got a place to go, 3 years old faded posters on the notice board were renewed. 3-inches thick dirt floor would be scrap off, wax and buffer to make shine, you can mirror the color of underwear for lady who wear mini skirt.

Key management staffs were called in for rehearsal, discussing what to say, what not to tell, ensure that all were in line and no misconception along the visit.

These were the most important and busy moment for us, its like spring cleaning before Chinse New Year, or in rough say - dig holes before poop = Just in time at the last gasp.