05 June, 2009

When the big boss is coming

The place where I hang around from 8 am ~ 5:30 pm belongs to some big brand in Taiwan, closed to two decades of establishment in Malaysia. Due to the distance, headquarter was not able to have close watch over our operation, we were left freely based on trust and empowerment.

There were times that the big boss from HQ would like to look see the true, dropping by physically reviewing business, financial and evaluate the possibility of business expansion.

Our local boss started to worry and butt was feeling hot from the seat, he dug out his old and dusty weapon - the 5S book, following step by step on the 5S housekeeping, staffs from top to bottom were made busy like bees. Transformed the area into total quality work environment. (like Cinderella fairy tale, pumpkin turned into carriage).

External facelift started with trees trimming, shrubs & bushes got renewal pruning and eelgrass got their life shorten. Repaint on the dirty, flaking and peeling wall, clean the stubborn floor.

5S housekeeping really came alive from the graveyard, stressing on standardization of uniforms, shoes, tables & chairs, the unwanted, outdated document got a place to go, 3 years old faded posters on the notice board were renewed. 3-inches thick dirt floor would be scrap off, wax and buffer to make shine, you can mirror the color of underwear for lady who wear mini skirt.

Key management staffs were called in for rehearsal, discussing what to say, what not to tell, ensure that all were in line and no misconception along the visit.

These were the most important and busy moment for us, its like spring cleaning before Chinse New Year, or in rough say - dig holes before poop = Just in time at the last gasp.

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