13 June, 2009

Out of the Roles of Secretary

Whenever I responded that I am a Secretary by profession, some will look at me with disbelieve, in general, they expected someone slim for not breaking the boss bones on the lap, as beauty as a vase not a pot, rainbow Nippon paint face not black & white TV, and revealing female fashion not conservative attire. None of their expectation matches me.

Along my career line, I have the opportunity to work with bosses from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, US, Britain & Malaysia, with all kind of characteristic and working behavior, I learned to adjust myself to suit difference roles.

Just list a few to share with all of you:-

Roles of Student – Please help on my MBA project paper. OK Boss, give me deadline and I prepare for you. (I think I deserve a MBA certificate from my boss, for which I had help him to complete all his project papers)

Roles of Teacher - I need to improve my English. OK Boss, I speak English with you and write English mail to you

Roles of Editor – I got stuck with the Toastmaster homework – OK Boss, I edit and complete the speech for you

Roles of newscaster – I am too busy for the newspaper, OK boss, I agree to summaries and read it out for you daily

Roles of Nutritionist – My wife limit my diet. OK Boss, no coffee after lunch, no peanut, no junk food. (But my boss snatched my tidbit from my desk)

Roles of Liar 1 – I have no affair or what so ever, that woman was insane. OK boss, you have no girl friend beside your wife

Roles of Liar 2 –Ms XXX and I are on business trip, she is afraid to go alone. OK boss, both of you are on business trip

Roles of Listener – I am stressed, Taiwan pushes too hard (my lady boss weeping). YES boss, they push too much

You may feel funny and ticklish, yet, I have gone through it, though, I also learned along the way, widen my knowledge and gaining great experience from them. All I have to say is Thank You, Boss !


eng said...

ha!ha!ha!...you can write a book with your experiences. i bet there were more...

sorry if i can't helped laughing, some of them are pretty hilarious, especially when the boss has no girlfriend and just going on a business trip

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

Oh yes, there are more and glad to cheer you up :0)

Mary Valley said...

Those are good staying awake tips.

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

Mary, Thank you for visit.