30 April, 2009

Office Life

My good friend Liz pops into my house last week, she blows out her trumpet, loud enough to cause my neighbour misunderstood that we are having some kind of quarrel, letting go the pressure from the long cook cooker, out pouring her unhappiness at work.

All her arrows sharply pointed at her boss for misbehaving at work, sleeping in the office at the broad day light, nod off in the meeting, building castle in the sky during discussion, doing personal thing in the office, making suspicious call, shows no concern on the decending business trend, and she went on and on non stop without giving me a chance to raise my voice, and all I could catch on her last breath with high pitch tone that sounded abruptly with “He is not carrying out his duty to lead the company, he is just like a wounded worrier that loses the battle !!” Liz cried loudly.

I spring up immediately to make her a cup of Hor Yen Hor tea to bring down her temperature. I can understand Liz' feeling, for which she has worked for 10 years, growing and surfing with the company together, she treat the company like her own, devoted all her passion and interest at work.
Sigh, as friend, I was not able to sooth and help her, lending both my ears is the best comfort to her.
When we actually love our company, we tend to comment and complaint with the hope of improvement from the management, but for Liz scenario, how to tell her boss that he needs to buck up ? he needs to improve ? he needs to lead ? he needs to change ? He needs to behave ?
I supposed it is hard, unless she back stab him to escalate further up.


Just Cool Gal said...

it's hard... i understand..

subrayoga said...

It is true that you will feel the leadrships is not doing what it should do.

We looked up at leaders to make us better. And we expect them to lead us to a much higher place everytime.

At once stage, we will find out that, we were doing more than the leader and that is where we realize that the leader has actually given up.

What to do? You become the leader. I forgot the name of the birds that fliy in V formation, they don't have a fixed leader, the leader changes very often and very smoothly....not like Perak government.

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

frustrated is the word to describe. sigh...