24 May, 2007

Vroom… Vroom… Me too is the F1 Racer

I am always a careful driver since the day I got my license, I ensure that all the traffic signboards are follows religiously. One of the greatest reason behind this was I am very fearful of police, I maybe a theft or robber or a murderer in my past life.

2007 has marked a remarkable year for me, I am awarded the ‘tender’ to ferry my 3 school going kids to school, to tuition center, to music classes & others unplanned and ad-hoc trips.

The first few trips ended late for school, late for tuition or sent in to the wrong place, my customers (the kids) weren’t very happy about my performance, my 5 years old son Master L told me to speed up like the racing car (he adored all the F1 racers), he will give me morale support by making the ‘vroom vroom’ sound throughout the journey, he will hold his tuition book to pretend to be the steering wheel, his leg will act like he is pressing the petrol pedal, he will instruct me to close up the gap with the front car, to use the side lane if the main lane is crawling with queues. He also warned me not to drive with one hand and both hands must always glue on the steering wheel.

Master L also said that I need to put on my sun glasses to look cool, and better if I can put on the gloves as well. Vroom !!!!..... Here goes the mommy Choo speeding on the road.

The speediest driver on the road no longer belongs to youngster, the mummies too in the race.

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