11 May, 2007

Adios...My beloved 100 years old granny

My beloved granny saying sayonara to all her descendants, joining my grandpa which she had dreamt of him still looking young at 30 ++ years old. (Then was 70++).

Being positive, Granny never admitted that she was blind, she would told us that her eyesight was blur and she needs guiding. She was very understanding, caring, and sensitive to others’ feeling.

She was placed in Happy Nursing home for her last 2 months of life, I plan to get her a wheelchair when she is well enough to stay home, but my wish will never fulfill.

I will never have a chance to cut her nails again, or sitting beside her during meal time, and listen to her ‘Tong San’ (China) story.

Attached is one of my favorite photos taken together with her during Christmas time in 2005. This photo has been pasted up in my office cubicle since then.

I miss her always......

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