29 May, 2007

Ah Neh, what are you doing in my car ??

While we were in our dream land, someone shouted ‘theft stealing our car!!’, abruptly and reluctantly pull out from the dream, try to put ourselves together, instinct told us to arm with stick, rod, umbrella and my son….. with camera ??

Everything happened so fast, some shouted ‘not to go out, he may be armed with weapon !!’ some groaned ‘OPEN the DOOR !!’, some trigger the house alarm, some peeping behind window, it was in total mess…. And no one was take charge

The whole gin gang broke the door out, rush to the car porch, this so called … theft or intruder told us that he wish to sleep in the car. We can smell bear or rather he was drunk or under drug influenced, he dressed in shirt & sarong. We try to stop him by whacking him with whatever we have in hand.

My potential reporter son went on ‘click, click, click…’ the camera flashes, and also video clip the process.

The suspected theft was invited by the police to have free curry rice meal in the bar, 1st charge him for stealing (bicycle was found outside the fencing), 2nd charge him for illegally stay in Malaysia.

Post Mortem on the incident
1. Too dangerous with the participation of the ‘too old’ and ‘too young’, may be held hostages should circumstance arises
2. Got a chance to practice spanking and whacking… like the hero Jackie Chan did
3. Potential of cultivating a professional photographer
4. see the true self of neighborhood

What we lost ?
1. Umbrella handle – broken
2. 3 hours of quality sleep hours

What we gain ?
1. courage
2. Become popular over night – become the talk of our Taman… :)

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