15 May, 2007

Ah Poh’s Last Journey

I was once requested my mum to revoke the idea of cremation, mum told me not to be silly as it was Granny’s wish. I was consoled by my aunt that body was just a shelter for the soul, the body will no longer be used once the soul leave.

For the last ritual before send off, we were asked to lay some yellow ‘wang sheng’ papers (亡生纸) on top of granny, granny looks a bit skinnier then a day before. She looks pleasant and calm.

The coffin cover was closed, we walked her out to the road junction, and we were ferried by bus to ‘Sang Poh Cave’, the same place where my grandpa rest, granny was placed in a cement hut for the cremation. The fire went on and I can see the smoke rises up in the sky from far distance, my granny ashes raise together, up in the sky and to the place called ‘Kee Loke Sai Kai’, a place where granny told me that good people deserve to go….

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