12 June, 2008

Mommy Choo – the gangster way !!

After 5 years of serious consideration, I finally waived my white hanky to agree on the installation of streamyx for home use. I seriously believe that this will end years of cursing I get from my teens, I don’t mind them cursing me riches but concern if they spell me for getting age.

The 1st ‘honeymoon’ month was great, we go round boosting & promoting the use of streamyx, I was that close from getting advertising fee from TMnet.

Unfortunately, good days never last forever, my internet connection was frequently interrupted, the longest connection will be 10 ~ 15 mins, can’t stand the mental tortured & pressured from my teens, I started calling for help, I always believe & portrait myself as educated & civilised people, politeness & mannerism come first, I am patience listener and follow instruction given by the TMnet technical assistant.

I jotted down all the steps they instructed, knowing how to do simple verification, at the end of the 2nd month, modem & port have been replaced to curb the problem.

Unfortunately, the frequent interruption still persisted. My teens started to seek fun outside, lepak in supermarket, visit friends, and giving **‘Dalmatian’ reasons to leave the house, haiyoh… I was deeply depressed.

In return, the TM technical assistant was getting call from me every nite at 11 pm, just like reminding them to take medicine before bed. Slowly, I find them no longer human being, but a recording machine, the procedure was repeated from day after day.

My decent complaint turn hysterical, the last call I told them was, “I don’t care how but you got to rectify it, and I am taking half day leave to bang and break your table legs. If still can not settle, I will bring **1 litre of petrol together with matches." I behaved & sounded very much like ah long asking for debt…

Hey presto ! the service was express, the site tech called me up the next day during public holiday, and get it fix on the day morning. I feel so so syok….

Now, shaking my leg eating ‘kua chee’ watching my teens doing their frienster stuff. What a life !!

**Dalmatian = 101
**1 Litre petrol = due to petrol hike


Anonymous said...

we can go to moon but our streamyx stil suck

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha... Malaysia & Singapore are popular with Ah Long & Micheal Cheong, once a while we can ah long a little


tony redgrave said...

ok... lesson learned, never cross this lady, or u'll get burned.

with a litre of petrol that is. and a matchstick. lol.

Anonymous said...

yoh... I gained due respect from my blog. I will become mommy king.. ;)


subrayoga said...

Dear Mommy Choo,

I am shocked to see you getting angry, anyhow, after being in the service industry, I think you have learned how to demand form service providers.

That's good. you apply what you learn.

Keep up and please let me know when you will be using the petrol, I am willing to swap the petrol with sesame oil.


mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

Being good they delay your service.

Being ah Long they express their service.

Yam Seng....