06 June, 2008

When our petrol is cost more than mineral water

Petrol price skyrocketing, causing our pocket to burn and bleed. The sky of Malaysia covers with tons of negative vibes, all the grievances, complaints, curse & hatred form the dark grey cloud that float in the air.

Our office is unusually noisy, we have *3 women 1 pasar in the finance cubicle, and *2 women 50 ducks in the material management cubicle, the men are boosting and giving 10 pages of A4 size speeches on how the petrol hike will affect us in times to come.

Some are holding and pressing the calculator, some are using Excel worksheet to key in the formula, and some are digesting the newspaper.

The scenario looks like share market, and it went on for half an hour before they settle down to work.

Later, I found a lot of mails flying in, the Excel worksheet, the newspaper announcement, the demonstration pictures & so on.

Some positive thinkers view the petrol raise positively, less mat rempit to vroom around, less traffic jam, less pollution, less accident.

Some economy advisors are worrying, this will affect the consumers market, people will not eat out in the restaurant, will not buy car, will not buy property, will not travel, will not go for entertainment.

Sigh… we got to ‘reshape’ our lifestyle to cope with the petrol hike

Remarks : 3 women 1 pasar / 2 women 50 ducks– to describe the loud noise make by the women


Anonymous said...

Greatest idea generated in my house was : Stop the engine right outside the house, open the gate and push to the house.


mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

yah yah yah... agree. Turn off the engine for traffic light and let your car slide down in the slope.