28 May, 2008

My son V was not well, taking the advantage of company benefit, we went to company panel doctor. Am forcing V to bring all of his text books so that he can have revision in the queue, but to my surprised that only one patient was ahead of me. Two of the clinic assistants were swapping flies while another was doing nails filing.

Where are all the pretend to sick employees? I miss them walking pass my seat, looking fatigue, painful, distress, or worst case limping, groaning pain, shortness of breath, shaky, unsteady, stiff gait, toe walking & etc.

The name calling bring me back, enter and found the young locum doctor, I just told him V was having sore throat, coughing & flu. The doctor placed a thermometer on V’s forehead with his hair underneath. The doctor started scribbling on the card, and in the meantime he murmured ironically, ‘take less oiling food & drink plenty of water. ‘, then with the word OK he signaled us to go out.

The whole process took less than 2 minutes. Super fast and that was the reason why I miss all the ‘good’ show.

During my young days, we used to play pretend game, I love to play the role of doctor, I will ask my patient to stick out tongue to check on the throat, use stethoscope to listen the heart & lung, and use a handkerchief to wrap round patient arm and pretend to check their blood pressure.

What happen to nowadays’ doctor ? Has the procedure been void??

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