14 May, 2008

I can have both....

Being a free thinker sound something extra ordinary among the community around me. Friends, colleagues, relatives & neighbors will utter ‘hah ??? You have no god ??’

Two of my good friends were concerned & worried for me, one would like me to be with her & Jesus, another said Buddha preaching is good for me & family, I am indecisive whether to accept flowers & candles or roast pork, roast chicken, fruits & many more ‘peripherals’ in the after death’s life.

I was doubtful whether to dress up white with floral headdress , floating in the cloud, eating fruits & seeing white arch door as my home, or accepting unlimited money, credit card, bungalow, maid, car, or latest gadget like massage chair, foot massager, home theater, petrol station & etc.

Things have not been changed since then, my kids – blinking their constipated eyes with ignorant looking face asking why we have no god ? Sigh…. Was the word I responded.

Lately, my little 6 years old junior has reaches the same stage, he came round to me one day, asking whether I know how to pray to god ? I am kind of stunned, before I regain my conscious, he put both hands together and started the praying in Bahasa….

Being staunch in her religion, my maid would walk round with the bible with her, chanting song that praises Jesus, she pray as often as Muslim, even the 3am praying will not be spared.

My junior has since then gets the story telling of the mighty hero of Jesus, junior will repeat the story session to me while I tuck him to bed at night.

I have decided to stay where I am now, I may have both sons that would offer me flowers & candles, and roast pork, roast chicken etc. at times, I will be sent up there with white uniform, or being down there with life that are abundance… I grinned happily.


tony redgrave said...

Religion is only but a notion of the transcendent or numinous, in the form of theism.

There are those religious people who preach night and day non-stop, only to be caught committing the most heinous crimes.

I do not see anything peculiar in being an atheist, as long as we hold true to our principles and beliefs.

SC said...

yup, agree, agree :)

Fleur-de-lis said...

lol...very well said n' very funny,too the way u say it...haha...but i do agree with u :D i'm an agnostic,hehe...