20 May, 2008

When public holiday was not for us….

Tearing myself away from the slumber bed was painful, the whole Taman was still snoring while I did my routine brushing & washing.

On this day, I am experiencing like an ambulance driver, driving smoothly and fast without the siren. Making myself the early bird who catches the chance of turning on the office lighting for everybody, I just felt great and satisfying.

Unfortunately, good things does not always happen the ways it is, I only get 5 miserable mails in my in box, missing was the juicy mails and the ‘view in private’ mails. Obviously, the senders were still hugging their bolsters with saliva dripping on the pillow.

The phones boycotted by not ringing, newspapers were not delivered as the paper-man expected us to rest, only 0.001% of the companies were working, and yours truly were the lucky one.

To make the situation worst, 50% of our colleagues (not the boss) were on leave, we were the few that left behind to pretend working hard.

Waiting and waiting, as if our objective in work was waiting for 5pm. Definitely, I make sure that I am not the one who makes the boss proud by turning off the office light.


Leon said...

Are you talking about Wesak Day ? Guess some of the possibilities those who still pretend working hard and came to office were :
1)Onwer of the company
2)Free thinker (non-religious)
3)Non Buddhist
4)No more annual leave
Are you one of the above or others ?


Leon said...

Maybe we should stand for silence tribute on May 19th too !!
China goverment had made the announcement to urge for 3 minutes moment of silence starting 14:28. That's why most of the people on leave of fly to Sichuan as volunteers.....
Let's pray for those victims. 阿弥陀佛 !!

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

ok, SS, you are god, you can read ppl mind.

tony redgrave said...

Unfortunately, I don't belong anywhere on leon's list.

I was forced to come to work, that's all.

SC said...

hahaha... Leon... oh no.. shd call you SS, see you are half god only.