05 May, 2008

Waiting for Doctor ….

Seeing & waiting for Doctor can be dreaded, but there are ways for us to make full use of it.

As we can see, reading is one of the habits that doctors want their patient to cultivate, endless outdated & old magazines can be seen on the waiting area, instead of staring blankly on the white wall, most patients prefer to flip & scan thru the magazines, hopefully can find some sexy photos for brain stimulation.

Or patient can take a short nap under the free air-con for re-vitalization, or chatting & information exchange with other ke-poh (busybody) aunties, where conversation widely covers on cooking recipe, cosmetic that look 20 years younger, herbs that reduce 20 kgs in a week, place for cheap clothing, place for cheap household items, place where the naughty husband flirt around, place where the children will get all As, and the most important and interesting news will be chatting on others personal affair, e.g. doctor ‘tackling’ nurses, doctor has 2nd wife, doctor wears sandal, doctor’s misbehave children, etc. All these topics will add up on the spice of the conversation.
Knowing the human behavior, some doctors will spend some money for TV installation, keeping the patient eyes busy and in the same time preventing the ‘personal’ information being shared out.

Patients are too engrossed with the good TV program, their names are conveniently forgotten and the nurse has to check on their ID and drag them out from their seat.

Hahaha.… welcome to feedback if you have come across other benefit as well.


tony redgrave said...

Hmmm..... The hospital I went didn't have any TV, & the nurses were very tight-lipped about the doctor's secrets.

I fell asleep thrice while waiting for the doctor, a personal record.

sc choo said...

not bad huh... at least you re-charge your battery there.

Nurses will only 'vomit' after you have visited a few times.

BTW, tks for comments.