23 September, 2008

I deserve the Best DRESS Award

Dressing accordingly is important for work area, when I was in the college, we were taught on grooming and deportment, to make sure that we don’t wear bikini and pyjamas to work.

Since then I change my wardrobe to office wear, blouse, shirt, skirt, scarf, accessories and pantyhose -> (guys, I hope u know what is this).

Of lately, there was this engineer commented that I have wrong color matching, maybe at times, I just overlook. So, I just be a bit cautious and spend some time in front of wardrobe.

Not long later, I put on brown turtle neck long sleeve blouse where the fabric had some glittering gold line, and the same engineer smiled and told me that I look like the person working in the bar (or bar girl in the good old day). I am cursing him in my mind that he gets strike by the signboard on the 5 foot walkway. So, I spend a little more time in front of wardrobe again.

I love being look slim when the weighing machine doesn’t co-operate with me, I dress up black with black panty hose, here comes the fat engineer popping his head on my cubicle, smiling with naughy look and said ‘mommy, I will present you a broom.’ ‘You look just like the witch’. Before I could respond he zooms off with hehehehee…. Sounded very much like the wicked wizard riding on the broom. If I am the real witch, I will turn him into big big and fat fat mee-ku bun (Chinese pink bun), throw him in Somalia and save the people there with no famine for next 5 years.

Years later, I started used to the comment given, ‘looks like principal, butler, spinster, cow boy, stage performer etc. etc’.

Being able to dress for many characters, I truly believed that I deserve the Best Dress Award. And if I have the magic wand, I will make sure famine free in Africa, India and other part of the world that need me.


shiori said...

hahahahaha.... i couldn't stop laughing, 'mee-ku-bun'.

Well, I think he deserves it though, having such a naughty mouth. Then you'd be doing a really good deed, mommychoo. ^_&

tony redgrave said...

foul-mouthed engineer? is he who i think he is?

hmm... no worries, i'll send u 'The Best Dressed Award' medal next time. ;)

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

** Shiori, if my plan of dropping mee-ku successful, I shall be guarantee a place in heaven.

** Tony, both the engineers were not here liao, i have dropped them off some where to save million of people.

Lewis said...

Haha...just dress to look good and feel good and not to kill. Is the lady in the photo you? You must be a super mommy then...

subrayoga said...

What is the phrase....Clothes makes the man, (I forgot the brand) makes the cloth....

If you see deeply, you will see that the cloth defines the day (occassion). I wear long sleeve,"Meeting customer?", Boss wear necktie, "Must be meeting important customer!".

Wearing a shirt which is crumpled, "Fight with with wife before leaving the house !".


subrayoga said...
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mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

**Lewis, warm welcome for dropping by. Something must be wrong with my eye judgement dressing for confusing... hehehe.. great holiday ahead.

** Subra, hahaha, you have got difference way of looking at it. I used to dress up bright color if I need to boost up my confident, dress black or dark if i look pale in the morning.