09 September, 2008

Hot or Very Hot

Our office temperature was set high to conserve electricity, some kind of costs saving project initiated by some kind of nation from desert. Our complaint will be either hot or very hot.

The females will be seen as dressing less, lighter & thinner, from long sleeve to short sleeve, from thick to thin, from broad strap to spaghetti strap, from maxi to mini skirt. The male had no way to change, but to let go a few more shirt buttons to expose the non sexy hairy chest.

For female, no point putting on make up as it will get melt, the mascara will flow down like river, the face compact powder will get soak and crack like the desert floor.

This month – September, we experienced frequent rains, this is the first time in the year where we actually get the feeling of “cold” in the office, super nice temperature of 22.8C, and just like spring in Australia, (minus the flowers)

We were seen in long sleeve and some of us were putting on warmer.

We happened to bump into the ‘desert nation’, where he questioned us with cared and concerned, ‘you people feeling cold yah?” Without hesitation I answer “No, just that I got fever.” Another colleague of mine answered that she had Hypothyroidism. So, it is common to feel cold despite the hot temperature.

No matter how, we will never admit that we feel cold for fear that the temperature will be adjusted higher and hit further cost saving target.


Pete said...

Ha Ha, it the tariff rate of electricity goes up further then probably your office will be using fans only.

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

Fans ??? Yes, the "olang-matic' paper fans... anyway, tks for dropping by.

tony redgrave said...

i like the weather hot, if possible hotter.

then the girls in our office will dress more 'accordingly' to the weather. hihihi....

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

Tony, you will have premature high blood pressure with nose breed .... too heaty