29 August, 2008

Passion for Pet - Part 1

After watching too much of Astro program on Animal Planet, my home ended up with a lot of surprise visitors namely cat, dog, bird, frog, spider, monitor lizard, grasshopper, beetle, dragonfly, and yet to know animals.

There was once that my son V brought this big black spider back from school, the size was 4” to 5” wide, it is kind of scary looking creature. V promised to let it go after keeping it just for a week, but an hour later the scary spider went missing in V’s room. We search fanatically and turn his room into tsunami scene, but no avail, my little 6 yrs boy L asked, “Mom, is the spider poisonous? Will it be hiding some where in the dark toilet, n sting us on our bum?”, I was stunned and cool sweat rolling down from my forehead, the spiderman scene came flashing in my mind, we call for immediate evacuation, to move the 2 boys to my room for the night. We keep all the doors closed in V’s room, we stuffed fabric underneath the door gap, and close all windows to ensure that spider was trap in the room without at large to elsewhere.
I have endless spider man dream on the night, human crawling on the wall, human head spider body, giant spider, cob web, and unexpected monster scene.

Our search continues when the sun rises again, I am armed with mosquito spray and butterfly net, where V with just a plastic container (hmmm… he still hoping to get that thing alive), I am extra cautious & careful, for fear that it fall from the ceiling, or it crawl up my leg.

V managed to capture the spider with least effort……….what a great relief. Unfortunately, this did not serve as a deterrent, yet we still receive weird visitors from time to time.


Pete said...

Wow, that is one real big spider!

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

yup... this is the 2nd spider guest in our home.