22 August, 2008

Boss?? Books !!

I believe my boss past life was a teaching professor, his passion in teaching is being carried forward to this present life. I truly believe that we were his formal student before and continue to be.

Now working for him, we were given assignment after assignment, we were given book, periodic & magazine to read, to understand, to discuss, to summary and to present our assignment in PowerPoint, and we are rated for our presentation performance.

Sigh… how can we improve our speed from 1 book in 2 years to 1 book in 2 months?

Sigh… the book keeps sending us to sleep, we need to use toothpick stand to keep our eyes open

How I wish that cash can be found in between the book ?

How I wish that it works like Chinese spirit medium, get the book burn , ashes mixed with water, drink it, sleep well, wake up and everything in our mind.

No matter how I wish, I still need to "chew up" & digest every single word in the book, get set and go for the presentation.


subrayoga said...

Oh Mommy Choo, you are great.

If it is so easy as swallowing them to get educated.....imagine how much we save on education for the children.......It would be nice to hear the mother asking the children...." Did you drink the maths, the English is getting cold, you will get Science for dinner.........."

SC Choo said...

kekekekek....Subra oh Subra !! you tickle my funny bones.