07 August, 2008

My dad & Ms Freggie

My dad keeps a pet frog for his past time, the frog is named Freggie, she is slim and sexy when she set foot in my family, she can hop and she is allowed to move freely from back lane to kitchen and to bathroom. She lives on the insect crawling & flying in my house with her powerful long sticky tongues.

The time has come when both ant & fly extinct in my home, to sustain her life, my dad started to hunt for her food, dad will go round neighbor houses, neighbor taman, his office, my office and every where with the plastic swap, the flies will make the delicious meal for Freggie.

Whenever Ms Freggie appears in the toilet, my mom will strike 4D, so Freggie unofficially become our God of Cai-Sheng (the wealthy god that brings money).

I happened to bump into Freggie last week, Freggie had since changed a lot, she stay permanently in the toilet, she put on a lot of weight and shape like Chinese ‘mee-ku’ bun (Chinese pink bun), her legs no longer afford her heavy body weight, and she lost her ability to hop, in fact, she crawls like a tortoise, and she looks like the ugly toad in the Star War movie.

I sigh…. and sigh again….


tony redgrave said...

my god that's no frog.....

subrayoga said...

A pet is a pet no matter what it is and what it is called, I think, it is similar to the proverb.....a rose is a rose no matter what you call it....(something like that)

For me, frogs are no friend, one for their ugly look and their jelly type feel when you touch them.


Ching Wei said...

Frog as a pet?...quite weird le. Never heard people take frog as pet before, but a good idea to free ur house from mosquito and insects.

SC Choo said...

** Tony - Alien frog from outter space

** Subra - ya, agree with you on the geli-ness

** Ching Wei - i remember seeing angmore takes frog a pet ler.. so, i have very angmore pa pa :)