29 September, 2008


Both of us decided to get ‘nest’ of our own after years of ‘parasite’ on my in law home. We finally agreed on the semi-detach property, I was busy dreaming of how to decorate it to become the model house of the whole BM or at least the whole Taman.

My pillow partner came round to tell his concern on Feng Shui (The words 'feng shui' literally translate as "wind-water"in English), I was kind of getting cold ice showered in the winter, feeling furious as to why he still didn’t believed the astronauts in the moon ? There were no ‘Chang Er’(Chinese fairy), neither do there had the tree and rabbit in the moon.

Coincidently, Lillian Too the Feng Shui master was in town to promote her books, I decided to bring my hammer to tear down her Feng Shui signboard, I want to see and know how the Feng Shui cheat all the people especially my so called ‘Educated’ partner.

I went with my brother, at least two people do the tearing job easier. There were packed in the hotel seminar hall, Lillian Too introduced Feng Shui in a scientific way and manner, everything was so true, so real, so promising and yet there were evidence of Feng Shui.

Yours truly was totally convinced in the short 2 hours talk, both my brother and myself had forgotton our mission, and ended up buying more than 8 books each, waited like the little fans in the queue of 1KM long getting Lillian to autograph. I left the hall without bringing the hammer back.

Now, my brother was a staunch Feng Shui practitioner where I had decorated my home according to all Feng Shui aspects. And I also become 10 times more Feng Shui than my partner.


lewis new said...

Well there is nothing wrong with feng shui. It more a matter of scientific logic and escalate to subtlety and then superstition. Haha..just don't get yourself muddled in superstition then it will be ok. Else you will fall into them..and buy a busload of books or paraphernalia to ward off evil or have great fortune. Congrats for having a new house...I can just afford to live in a hut. How about showing us your new home.

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

Agree, agree, agree, Feng Shui in moderate form n not over exert.

In return, I wld rather interested to view something extra ordinary - hut.

kumowai said...

In fact if you like to learn more about wind-water, there are causes available locally. One of the X BenQer took the class and he really learn something.

lewis said...

Well my hut is just a place for shelter; need not feng shui. Important the roof is not leaking..haha. Your SD is a place to be cozy and basking into life pleasures; feng shui is important. Let us into ur house to take a peek.

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

Dear Kumo, after attended a few FS talks and read more than 10 FS books, i believe it gives me an insight of the world of FS, or else, ppl will mistaken my home to be chinese temple :)

Lewis, tonardo strike my home very often, and we are always busy clearing the scene, the real beauty of home is shadowed away.