07 October, 2008

Milk Buddha at Mahindarama Buddhist Temple

PMR, SPM & STPM exams are round the corner, fingers and toes are enough to do the count down. All students, teachers, parents, aunties, uncles, grandpa, granny are equivalent worry & panic. Even the gods can not be spared but to do the helping as well.

I had visited the popular Milk Buddha in Penang, most of the students shall make the trip before their exam, bringing with them are bottles of milks for the offering, and the exam time table with their name, school, class, dates of exam plus their wish (e.g. 12As). Tuition centers will normally organise bus load full of students to the temple for the blessing.

The examination blessing has 60 years of history, a massive blessing will be carried just weeks before the examination. The blessing will enhance and boost up the students confident level, and calm down the butterfly in the stomach.

Mahindarama Temple had a library, kindergarten, cafeteria, clinic, old folk home, monk quarters & lecture hall. Environment is calm and peaceful.


subrayoga said...

Actually it is good to put our faith on external things too. You have strong faith within yourself and let's also please the external energy. Carrying out prayers will give results when we carry out out duties too. In simple word, God shall help those who help themselves.

Wish you and your juniors success in every task you all undertake.

shiori said...

Hhmmm.. I remember grandma making a fuss every time I had a major exam coming; visiting temples with her.

Makes me miss those days when I was still studying.

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

Subra, agreed with u, at times, we needs extra force & power, beyond human reach to comfort our psycology.

Shiori, your grandma was good to drag you there. As for my case, my kid pushes me there.

Pete said...

Interesting. Where is the location of this temple?

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

Located in Penang Island, you can view the link that i have provided. It is very popular.