25 October, 2008

Working Life as a Secretary…. part 1

For god know what reason I ended up as a Secretary, this is not the ambition that I used to fill in the student survey form throughout my school days neither did it appear in my assay writing. (or karangan)

I worked for this Taiwanese but not so Taiwanese boss from US, his English was above excellent. Giving us the illusion of seeing teacher than boss, and we started to use dictionary for words that he said and wrote.

Everything went normal for a year, but, things went wrong somewhere after that, boss had reacted strangely, he become suspicious and sensitive, he gave me a name list on the phone call that he wish to answer, other than that I was given opportunity to practice my creativity on how to lie. My mom once told me that I will go to hell and get my tongue cut repeatedly if I lie, I hope I can transfer this to my boss.

Later, an ex-army force officer was engaged as driver cum bodyguard, more so the driver was armed with short gun to execute his job.

Upon screening the calls, I noticed this Chinese guy used to call up at 3 times daily. I went on with my routine “boss in meeting, boss went out, boss outstation, boss in the production, etc, etc..”. And my list was long enough for me to lie continuously 5 days, soon, this guy went on impatient.

On one beautiful fine day, I got his call when I was in the mid of polishing my nails, I was asked to take down the message for my boss, “ Please get Mr XXX to prepare 4 sets of coffins if he did not answer my call”. Click, the phone went off, my nail file dropped, my jaws dropped and I freeze there for more than 10 seconds without heart pumping…..

Dear readers, interesting right ? to be continued, kekeke…


Lewis said...

Hey...this guy must be Ah Looong. US mortgage crumble must have affected them too.

subrayoga said...

It is nice to see your sense of humour writing this after many many year of the incident. I know this story is true. Looking forward to read more.

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

** Lewis - Looks like it, sounds like it, and close to it

** Subra - yah, this has been keeping inside me for years, i am terrified and dramatised that time.

lewis said...

Haha...or can it be another Altantayu case

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

huh ?? Altantuya ?? wei, lu fikir sampai pi mana ??? very creative thinking ler... show me your blog... i want to read... ???

lewis said...

Haha...got blok but empty inside la...notin 2 read.